One year ago this week we drove away from our house with a brand new 30′ travel trailer in tow and the intent to live on the road full-time.  Our house was up for sale and rented out for the winter and there was a good chance we would never come back.  For various reasons, that plan didn’t work out the way we thought it would and we happily moved back in to our home in April.  Today we began packing up for our annual trip to Arizona and stopped to reflect on a what a whirlwind winter it was full of packing, unpacking, buying, selling and searching our souls for what’s best – what’s next.  Today I said to Mark, thank god the house didn’t sell because I’m so happy to be still be living here.  Apparently the winter away gave me just the shift in perspective that I needed to remind me what an amazing place we live in.  Yet, Mark’s response was spot on.  He said “Sure, but if the house sold, we’d be living somewhere else and loving that just as much.  No regrets”.  That, in a nutshell, sums up who we are.  No matter what we’re doing or where we are, we’re making the most of it and loving life.  I just shook my head and smiled because I love knowing that so long as we’re together, life is good.  And that my friends, is why we like to call ourselves Two Happy Campers.