My favorite thing to share on this website are pretty pictures of all the scenic places we go.  However, that is hardly a look at the ins and outs of life on the road.  Managing resources and route planning are two large time consuming components of our travels, so I was thinking it might be fun to share with you guys what our resupply days look like.

About once a week, we dedicate an entire day to dumping tanks, restocking resources and more.  This is usually on a travel day or the day before a travel day.  If it’s on a travel day, we plan on not traveling too far as resupply days always seem to take longer than anticipated.

casita travel trailer

On our last travel/resupply day we relocated from the lakebed outside of Vegas to Wine Ridge RV Resort in Pahrump, NV (about 1.5 hour drive).  While RV parks aren’t our destination of choice, they are perfect for resupply days.  They give us a chance to shower, do laundry, fill propane, dump tanks and refill water all in the same place.  Not all RV parks are created equal but this one had the cleanest facilities we’d seen yet which made for a productive/enjoyable overnighter.
casita travel trailer

On resupply days we set out to accomplish the following:

1.  Refill propane tanks.

2.  Fuel up the truck.

3.  Dump grey and black tanks.

4.  Refill fresh water tank.

5.  Refill 3 water jugs with RO water.  We use these for our drinking water.  Filtered water stations have been really easy to come by this winter and are quite affordable at .20/gallon.

6.  Clean out refrigerator/Go grocery shopping.

7.  Take showers.  We have to be pretty modest with our showers in the trailer when we’re dry camping so we like to find a place to take a long, hot shower on resupply days if we can.

8.  Prep food.  If we’re at an RV park with full hook-ups, we’ll take advantage and do a bunch of food prep to save on water and grey tank storage at our next boondocking spot.

9. Clean.  Again, if we’re at an RV park with full-hook-ups, we’ll do some cleaning since water is unlimited.

10. Do laundry.

casita travel trailer

11. Get rid of trash.

12. Decide where we’re headed next.

Resupply days are like a household cleansing.  It feels so good to have fresh food, fresh clothes, fresh sheets, etc.  We’re usually feeling pretty haggard come a resupply day and yet feel oh-so-good by the end of it.

Our one night stay at Wine Ridge RV Resort cost us $40 and was worth every penny.  We’ve been to dumpy RV parks and we’ve been to snooty RV parks.  This was by far the nicest RV park we’d ever stayed at in terms of cleanliness, beautiful grounds and friendly people.  If only we could find an RV park this nice on every resupply day!

Coming up next…Death Valley National Park.