One night in Pahrump, NV & what our resupply days are like

My favorite thing to share on this website are pretty pictures of all the scenic places we go.  However, that is hardly a look at the ins and outs of life on the road.  Managing resources and route planning are two large time consuming components of our travels, so I was thinking it might be fun to share with you guys what our resupply days look like.

About once a week, we dedicate an entire day to dumping tanks, restocking resources and more.  This is usually on a travel day or the day before a travel day.  If it’s on a travel day, we plan on not traveling too far as resupply days always seem to take longer than anticipated.

casita travel trailer

On our last travel/resupply day we relocated from the lakebed outside of Vegas to Wine Ridge RV Resort in Pahrump, NV (about 1.5 hour drive).  While RV parks aren’t our destination of choice, they are perfect for resupply days.  They give us a chance to shower, do laundry, fill propane, dump tanks and refill water all in the same place.  Not all RV parks are created equal but this one had the cleanest facilities we’d seen yet which made for a productive/enjoyable overnighter.
casita travel trailer

On resupply days we set out to accomplish the following:

1.  Refill propane tanks.

2.  Fuel up the truck.

3.  Dump grey and black tanks.

4.  Refill fresh water tank.

5.  Refill 3 water jugs with RO water.  We use these for our drinking water.  Filtered water stations have been really easy to come by this winter and are quite affordable at .20/gallon.

6.  Clean out refrigerator/Go grocery shopping.

7.  Take showers.  We have to be pretty modest with our showers in the trailer when we’re dry camping so we like to find a place to take a long, hot shower on resupply days if we can.

8.  Prep food.  If we’re at an RV park with full hook-ups, we’ll take advantage and do a bunch of food prep to save on water and grey tank storage at our next boondocking spot.

9. Clean.  Again, if we’re at an RV park with full-hook-ups, we’ll do some cleaning since water is unlimited.

10. Do laundry.

casita travel trailer

11. Get rid of trash.

12. Decide where we’re headed next.

Resupply days are like a household cleansing.  It feels so good to have fresh food, fresh clothes, fresh sheets, etc.  We’re usually feeling pretty haggard come a resupply day and yet feel oh-so-good by the end of it.

Our one night stay at Wine Ridge RV Resort cost us $40 and was worth every penny.  We’ve been to dumpy RV parks and we’ve been to snooty RV parks.  This was by far the nicest RV park we’d ever stayed at in terms of cleanliness, beautiful grounds and friendly people.  If only we could find an RV park this nice on every resupply day!

Coming up next…Death Valley National Park.



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  • Howard and Linda of RV Dreams are currently at the same RV Park and are preparing for hosting a rally there next week.
    Small (RV blog) world!!

  • Ah, that’s interesting. I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle the particulars of resupplying, etc when I start traveling this summer. Figured I’d have to do it piece-meal as I hit a town, ran out of stuff or had time. Do you have any problems getting into RV parks with the dog? That’s my problem. Hard to pass my dog Brock off as anything but a Pitbull. Safe travels!

    • We can relate. It depends on the area you are in. In Nevada and Arizona, we’ve never had an issue. In parts of CA, like San Diego, we had a hard time finding a campground or RV park that didn’t have breed restrictions. It definitely requires some advanced research!

  • Love this! My wife and I are remote working nomads (and photographers 🙂
    We don’t have a camper, but we do a lot of long-term housesitting and extended road trips from our home-without-a-home in MN to our preferred western states of CO, CA, MT, NM etc (currently in Boulder, CO). We’ll do food prep before multi-day travel, usually grilled chicken (it’s delicious cold), sweet potatoes, carrots, hard boiled eggs etc. Would love to know what you and Mark do for food prep with all your travels and camping.
    Cheers and thanks for the inspiration!
    Nik and Angel

    • Hi Nik! Thanks for reading! We rotate thru a revolving list of go-to meals. Every morning we make green smoothies. We love pre-making a ton of chicken salad for sandwiches on travel days. We’ll often grill up a large steak that gets chopped up and added to eggs, burritos, etc. We also eat a lot of steamed veggies bowls with noodles or rice. The steak is great for that too. I love hard boiled eggs but have the worst luck with getting the shells off!

  • Just had to say how this post helped us! This spring we took our “shake down cruise” maiden voyage in out Four Wheel Grandby. We learned the lesson you did about paying attention to the weather! After Joshua Tree and Valley of Fire, we had a great time in Death Valley but for a week there was a future Wednesday that kept showing up as “WINDY” on the forecast. We had experienced a lot of wind without it ever showing up in the forecast, so I was taking it seriously! Got a reservation in Pahrump at Wine Ridge, based upon your recommendation. We had the best restock day in the worst possible wind! It was nightmarish; so glad that we were not in Death Valley! (Our last night there dispersed camping off Echo Canyon Road was harrowing enough with the wind, but gave me faith in the sturdiness of the pop up…) Such nice people and awesome showers, laundry and the gift of a truck wash! Pahrump was perfect for resupply before heading to Marble Canyon and Zion, and we loved the wine tasting next door!

    I was so glad for this post, which I had read previous to our trip, and very thankful we were at a place in the trip when we could visit Wine Ridge! It was our first and only RV Resort and I was so appreciative of our excellent experience on what would have otherwise been a miserable day! THANK YOU and I echo your recommendation! We will stay there for a resupply day in the future even if it isn’t windy!

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