No road trip is complete without the sweet sound of your favorite tunes.  Before every road trip, I find a couple of new albums to buy and make sure our iPod is topped off with all our favorites.   Every now and again we’ll listen to a playlist with various artists but for the most part road trips are the time when we pick one of our all time favorite musicians and listen to entire albums (or sometimes every song they ever made).  If we could only bring the music of 10 artists on a road trip, this is who they would be:

1. Jack Johnson
2. John Butler Trio
3. Bob Marley
4. Dispatch
5. Pearl Jam
6. Led Zeppelin
7. Sublime
8. Foo Fighters
9. Jimi Hendrix
10. Slightly Stoopid

When we arrive at camp, I love listening to the one and only Ray LaMontagne.  We don’t listen to music all that often at camp, the sweet sound of nature is usually all we need, but when we do I feel like Ray LaMontagne’s music always perfectly accompanies our relaxed camp vibe.

What are some of your favorite camping and road trip tunes?