From Cottonwood the plan was to make our way back to Havasu where our new lift kit and shock kit were waiting installation.  It’s a simple 240 mile drive primarily via Interstate 40.  If Google showed you the way, it would only take you 4 hours to make the trip.  But we have a few rules and they don’t in any way correspond with Google’s calculations.  Our rules of the road are this:

  1. Avoid the interstate as much as possible.
  2. Don’t drive more than we feel like it (which is usually 3-4 hours)
  3. If we see something cool, stop and check it out.
  4. Never turn down a good detour.

These aren’t rules we made up one day, they just naturally happened and over time, proved to be the elements that made for a good trip.  With that, our trip from Cottonwood to Havasu turned in to a three day mozy across the state with only five miles of interstate travel.  A perfect trip in our book.

The first day we chose a dirt forest service road to get us from Prescott to Seligman.  The juniper-covered rolling hills and crisp blue skies made for a lazy, carefree drive.  Along the way we found a perfectly secluded spot in Prescott National Forest to call home for the night.  We never heard or saw another soul and spent the night simply relishing the fact that we were no longer at a campground.

The next morning we headed in to Seligman where we picked up Route 66.  The 55 mph drive down Route 66 was far more enjoyable than it’s bigger, faster interstate counterpart just to the South.  If there is a way to stay off the interstate, even if just a simple frontage road, you better believe we’re going to be on it.  We stopped in Kingman at one of our favorite lunch spots, Siren’s Cafe, then proceeded to check out a spot I’d found on the map outside of Oatman.  Earlier I’d been perusing Google Earth for options around Oatman knowing that the area is mountainous and you know how much we love our mountains.  The spot I’d found was not only available but spacious and scenic.  What we thought would be another quick over-nighter turned in to two because why be in a hurry to move on if you don’t have to?

We’d left Cottonwood on Tuesday and on Friday rolled in to Havasu.  Years ago we traveled fast.  Trying to see everywhere and everything.  Now, having learned a few things, we’re happy to finally be perfecting the art of slow travel and are getting so much more enjoyment out of our time on the road because of it.