I recently started a wall of quotes in our office and this is easily one of my favorites.  Last year I was so laser-focused on making a major life change (hence the attempt to live on the road full-time)  that I got tunnel vision, and for a while there I don’t remember thinking about much else or enjoying the life I was currently living.  Ever since selling our travel trailer and moving back in to our house after a winter of wandering, I’ve been living by the words of this quote.  The power that can be found in this mindset is profound.  When you put your focus on gratitude, you’ll find that there are so many things to be grateful for.  Things that can easily be taken for granted.  My health, my home, my spouse, my business, my ability to travel are all things I’m extremely grateful for.  I’ve found if we focus our time and energy on being appreciative rather than finding things to complain about, we can change our life’s perspective entirely.  A new-found perspective that will lead us right to happiness.