We enjoyed our previous stay in Cottonwood so much that we decided to return and meet up with Mark’s parents who decided to drive out from Iowa to visit us.  We enjoyed a week of perfect weather, delectable food and more exploring around the area.  We called Dead Horse Ranch State Park home once again and enjoyed the park just as much, if not more than the last time.  While in Cottonwood, we got the opportunity to rent a plane thru Kestrel Aviation and take ourselves on a little tour of Northern Arizona.  What we saw from the air only confirmed that we would be able to keep ourselves busy for a long time if we ever decided to bring our airplane south for the winter.  At the end of two weeks, it was hard to leave.  We seem to fit in the Verde Valley quite well.  However, we were also quite excited to get back to Havasu where more trailer projects awaited!

I didn’t take many photos over this two week period, but there’s still enough for a little recap.  Enjoy!


The day we left Tucson on our way to Cottonwood, we decided to stay overnight at Theodore Roosevelt Lake.  With numerous campgrounds around the lake, we figured we wouldn’t have any problem finding a place to stay.  It was Monday afternoon and we forgot that the government shut down on Friday.  On Tuesday everything was open again.  Nothing but bad timing on our part.  However, we did manage to find a tight little boondocking spot nearby.


As we drove thru Payson, we were reunited with Old Man Winter.  We hadn’t seen snow since we left Colorado in November.  Seeing it thru the window as we drove by was enough for me.  I was quite happy to get back down the hill to the desert.

Here we are parked in the overflow lot at Dead Horse Ranch State Park.  We loved this site more than the regular sites.  Too bad they won’t let you stay there unless the regular campground is full.

I can’t believe this is the only photo I took during Mark’s parent’s visit!  Shame on me for not taking more.  At least there is evidence that we were indeed together!

Taking off from Runway 14 at Cottonwood airport.

Everyday, all day, we heard airplanes overhead from the state park.  It was impossible not to notice what perfect flying weather Cottonwood has to offer.  So, needless to say, we were pretty excited to get in the air!

We’ve been scoping out airparks everywhere we go.  It’s a dream of ours to live at one.  Maybe one day! Here’s us flying over Pilot’s Rest Airpark in Paulden, AZ North of Prescott.  The runway is basically a dirt road.  In the photo below, the runway is the longest dirt road you can see running horizontally across the frame.

Sedona from the air is spectacular.

Thank you so much to Bev & Carl for coming out to see us!  We are so glad we got to share one of our favorite places with you.  Also, thank you to Syd @ Kestral Aviation for having an airplane available to rent in Cottonwood.  We had a fantastic time and can’t wait to return!