Yesterday was a VERY good day.  It was the first day of our annual winter road trip.  Since last year’s trip had to be cancelled due to health issues and this summer was the busiest our business has ever had, we could not be happier to be back on the road!  It felt like it took forever (okay, realistically it took close to a week) to get everything restocked, reorganized and repacked.  Being that it’s been two years since we’ve taken a long trip, we were quite rusty when it came to remembering what all we bring and where it all gets packed.  When we finally pulled out of the driveway yesterday afternoon we could hardly believe we were actually leaving.  We didn’t arrive at our first destination outside Fruita, CO until sunset, Mark was starting to get hangry and I was stressed that we wouldn’t find a spot knowing there aren’t many options in the area we were hoping to stay.  We totally lucked out with an awesome spot just in time to watch the sun dip below the horizon and turn everything around us in to a serene golden glow.  With nothing but perfect weather in the forecast, we look forward to spending our first few days here generally relaxing and loving life.

With so much going on yesterday, hardly any photos were taken but here’s a taste of that beautiful sunset we got along with our view of the Milky Way later that night.

If Day 1 is any indication of what the next 40 days will bring, it’s going to be an incredible trip!

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