We were happy with our previous campsite but the incoming storm was bringing its fair share of wind so we decided to go for a drive.  We quickly discovered we were less than an hour away from some stellar primitive camping along the water’s edge at Lake Powell.  The sound and smell of the water was a welcome surprise after the previous five days spent in the arid, somewhat lifeless Utah desert.

The Stanton Creek Campground is within the confines of Bullfrog Marina.  We hesitated to pay the $15 fee (good for a week) required just to enter the sprawling marina grounds but it ended up being well worth it.  Bullfrog offers amenities such as gas, propane, groceries (very limited) a restaurant, showers and laundry facilities.  Finding such luxuries is not easy to do in this area of Utah so it was no wonder they can get fifteen bucks for every vehicle that enters.

In addition, Stanton Creek Campround is $12 per night but from experience I know there are very few places where you can car camp on the water’s edge at Lake Powell so, again, it was well worth it.  We spent three nights boondocking in two different primitive sites.  We had a few not-too-close neighbors on Saturday night but come Sunday we had the place to ourselves.  I can’t imagine there is much space available over the summer but this was an awesome off-season find.  We’re just going to make sure that next time we go back we have a couple of paddleboards in tow.


Below: Stanton Road on the way to Lake Powell
Stanton Road Utah

The road to Stanton Creek Campground
Road to Stanton Creek Campground Utah
Stanton Creek Campground Camp site
Utah Boondocking Lake Powell

Campsite GPS coordinates: Latitude 37, 29.49N Longitude 110,42.21W
Lake Powell sunset
Lake Powell car camping
Lake Powell boondocking

Campsite #2 GPS coordinates: Latitude 37, 29.43N, Longitude 110, 42.39W

FYI: Stanton Creek Campground is divided in to two sections, a 4WD only section and a trailer-friendly, passenger car friendly section making this awesome area accessible by many.

Tip: Other than bathrooms which are now nowhere near the campsites due to the low water level there are no amenities of any kind at Stanton Creek Campground.  Be ready to boondock!

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