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Traveling to Baja every winter is quite literally a dream come true.  Each trip, this one being our third, opens our minds and teaches us things about ourselves we may otherwise have never gotten the chance to learn.  One of those things being the joy and satisfaction we get from sharing our travels and positively impacting others. Last year, at the start of our second trip, I got the...

82 days camping in Baja: a Recap


In 82 days we ate more tacos than I could count, likely drove more miles on dirt than pavement, and turned acquaintances into lifelong friends. We traveled to some of the most remote places we’ve ever been, hiked among cactus as tall as a two story building, and saw the brightest most awe-inspiring meteor we’ve ever witnessed.  We swam in natural pools high in the mountains, we paddled with...

Winter in Baja: The last day


San Felipe -> Arizona // It’s difficult to not begin the day in a lazy fashion wandering out onto the long expanse of sandbar that low tide has exposed while taking in the sunrise.  But we have a 3 hour drive ahead of us to get to the border and the sooner we get there the less likely we are to have to wait in line for hours.  One of the rules of thumb for camping safely in Baja is to not camp...

Winter in Baja Day 81: Fingers crossed for fuel


Bahia de los Angeles -> San Felipe // We went to bed undecided as to whether or not we’d leave today but come morning, the increasing number of bees swarming the truck and camper make the decision to leave an easy one.  However, we take our time packing up as we have no clue when the diesel delivery is arriving at the gas station and we’re not going anywhere until we can get a few gallons of...

Winter in Baja Day 80: Livin’ on Taquitos and Tostitos


Bahia de los Angeles  // Are you stranded somewhere if you don’t feel like you’re stranded?  This I can’t decide.  Even though we can’t leave this town until the next delivery of diesel arrives at the gas station, we’re pretty happy where we are.  So far the wind that was predicted overnight never came.  This morning I enjoy a long walk down the beach while Mark hangs back and reads a book.  Many...

Winter in Baja Day 79: No diesel ’til Sunday


Bahia de los Angeles //  This morning we sit on the beach with Josh & Darci and hash out our individual needs for the coming days leading us to the conclusion that the time has come to say goodbye.  We take a group photo and exchange hugs, and a few tears are shed as I watch them drive away.  Their companionship has made our winter one I will never forget and it pains me to say goodbye and...

Winter in Baja Day 78: Will we make it out of here in one piece?


Las Animas -> Bahia de Los Angeles // Today’s goal (or shall I say hope): Get to Bahia de los Angeles in one piece.  When we arrived on this beach four days ago Mark discovered a substantial crack in the frame of the trailer and now there were 35 miles of rough terrain standing between us and the nearest town where we *might* be able to find a welder to make the repair.   The first ten miles...

Winter in Baja Day 77: The sun is shining, the weather is sweet


Las Animas // Through the window this morning I spot a clear blue sky and immediately get excited.  I had every intention of getting some work done today but the likelihood of that quickly fades.  The second I step outside the environment draws me in like a moth to a flame.  First, egrets inspire me to grab a camera and sit on the shoreline watching them and their flawless reflections as they...

Winter in Baja Day 76: Powered by the sun


Las Animas // A thick layer of grey clouds fills the sky this morning and subsequently drains us of enthusiasm for exploring.  I hate that the lack of sun affects Mark and me so greatly but it’s a fact nonetheless.  We consider making it a driving day but it’s my birthday and I’d rather be on the beach in the company of good friends.  The occasion causes me to reflect and regardless of the...

Winter in Baja Day 75: Not your average Monday


Las Animas // I happily wake to the sound of Mark launching the drone.  This means two things; 1) the sunrise is worth getting up for and 2) Mark is doing something else besides dwelling on the trailer debacle.  I step outside to witness a sea as still as glass, and savor a magnificent sunrise. We all sit in our chairs this morning enjoying conversation while simultaneously spotting dolphins, a...


We’re Mark & Michele, modern-day nomads perfecting the art of slow, full-time travel.  Our tiny home on wheels and slow-paced travel style allows us to minimize our expenses while maximizing our freedom.  May our unconventional way of life inspire you to design a life that you love.


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