8 essentials I carry for comfort & safety in the wilderness


About 10 minutes in to our evening walk, Mark decided to go back to camp since he wasn’t feeling great.  As I continued down the road without him, I realized I had nothing with me that I usually carry when venturing out alone.  Mark knew exactly what route I was taking and it was only a couple of miles so I decided to not worry about it.  However, it got me thinking about the handful of things I...

RV Camping Gear Guide: Boondocking Favorites


I’m beginning to think I love sharing our gear with you guys as much as Mark loves sourcing it.  What happens is, he thoughtfully researches every purchase (something he is really good at and I am not) then I get to use or benefit from said purchases.  THEN…he undoubtedly finds the coolest stuff and I immediately think, you guys, our awesome readers, should know about this stuff! ...

RV Camping Gear Guide: Travel trailer essentials


If we’ve learned anything thru owning a truck camper, 30′ travel trailer and now a 17′ travel trailer, it’s that you’re just getting started when you purchase your RV.  No matter what you get, they never come outfitted to serve all your comforts and needs.  Outfitting your RV to make it the most fun, functional and comfortable is a project, but the more it...

Mark’s Favorite Camping Gear (and his attempt at choosing his top 10)

favorite camping gadgets

The night I was trying to wrap up the article I’d written about our Top 10 Favorite Pieces of Camping Gear, I sat down with Mark to compare our top 10 favorites to make sure we were on the same page before I hit publish.  After about an hour of Mark listing out every piece of gear that he loves and wouldn’t want to camp without (which is many things I might add), I finally got him to...

Our Top 10 Favorite Pieces of Camping Gear (or so I thought)


Our Four Wheel Camper combined with an awesome array of gear is what makes our camping trips so much fun, we never want to go home.  Since truck camper travel means limited space, every item that gets packed must have a good use, meaning we use and love everything we bring.  We pack far more than 10 items but I thought it would be fun to try and narrow down our top 10, must-have pieces of camp...

Questions & Answers: struts, furnace, cooking and more

four wheel camper lift assist struts

We get so many questions from readers on various topics that I’d love to start sharing our responses in hopes of possibly helping others as well.  I’m not one for technical answers but I’m happy to share our experience and anything we’ve learned from 4 years and a few hundred nights in our Four Wheel Camper! Q:  I too have a Hawk camper on my ford truck.  I opted for the...

Some of our favorite items for Truck Camper camping


A few weeks ago, while camping at Lake Mohave, I was looking around camp and noticed all the items we’ve thoughtfully accumulated over the last couple of years that are fun, efficient and space-saving.  All of which contribute to a great overall camping experience.  Truck camper travel teaches you just that, to be extremely thoughtful about each and every item you take along with you...

Adding a moveable solar panel to our truck camper


When we purchased our FWC truck camper we included a 85 watt solar panel and two auxiliary batteries with our purchase.  The purchase proved to be a good one as we primarily camp in remote places with no access to hookups of any kind.  Running our refrigerator, the furnace and charging electronics had been no problem with the solar panel.  That was true until our first winter.  With the sun...


We’re Mark & Michele, modern-day nomads perfecting the art of slow, full-time travel.  Our tiny home on wheels and slow-paced travel style allows us to minimize our expenses while maximizing our freedom.  May our unconventional way of life inspire you to design a life that you love.


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