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Some of our favorite items for Truck Camper camping


A few weeks ago, while camping at Lake Mohave, I was looking around camp and noticed all the items we’ve thoughtfully accumulated over the last couple of years that are fun, efficient and space-saving.  All of which contribute to a great overall camping experience.  Truck camper travel teaches you just that, to be extremely thoughtful about each and every item you take along with you...

Stanton Creek Campground: Camping on the shore of Lake Powell


We were happy with our previous campsite but the incoming storm was bringing its fair share of wind so we decided to go for a drive.  We quickly discovered we were less than an hour away from some stellar primitive camping along the water’s edge at Lake Powell.  The sound and smell of the water was a welcome surprise after the previous five days spent in the arid, somewhat...

Burr Trail, Stanton Road & Halls Creek Overlook


While our National Parks encompass some of our countries most incredible natural wonders they also come with their share of restrictions, most notably very limited access for dogs.  With that and the fact that they also tend to draw large crowds, we’ve enjoyed discovering public lands adjacent to several National Parks with just as much to offer minus the restrictions and crowds. Notom...

Utah BLM: Cathedral Valley Rd.


Cathedral Valley Road off Caineville Wash Road and Highway 24 begins a counterclockwise loop thru Cathedral Valley and the northernmost part of Capitol Reef National Park.  A short day of exploring took us to the very edge of the park where we saw Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Moon and Glass Mountain.  However, greater desire to be still on this particular day led us to backtrack to the...

Exploring Utah’s BLM lands: Wild Horse Rd.


I couldn’t ask for a better neighbor than Utah.  While Spring here in the Colorado Rockies looks no different than Winter, Utah offers welcoming temps, freshly bloomed trees and miles upon miles of remarkable landscapes to be explored. We left April 2nd and returned April 11th spending 10 nights exploring Southern Utah’s expansive BLM lands as well as lakeside camping at Lake Powell. ...

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area: Alstrom Point


I consider myself quite lucky for the fact that I’ve been on 3 different week long houseboats trips on Lake Powell.  Anyone that’s been there knows it’s a magical place unlike any other.  If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend adding it to your bucket list.  It wasn’t until recently that I had any idea there were roads up on the red rock that towers over Lake...

Get off the Interstate! Discovering Mojave National Preserve


It’s incredible the wonder that lies between our interstates.  Places that many will never see because our fast-paced lifestyle has us glued to the pavement in an effort to get from point A to point B the quickest way possible.  When we bought our truck camper we vowed to avoid interstates as much as possible.  Sure this means more gas and longer travel times but it always pays off with...

Valley of the Gods: Monument Valley’s little brother


I’ve never been to Monument Valley but am quite familiar with the towering sandstone buttes seen in various photos and movies.  I was ready to see the area with my own eyes but after reading about the various restrictions and fees I wasn’t quite as pumped to go.  If you read this blog long enough, you’ll come to realize we prefer to camp in the most remote...

Canyon Rims National Recreation Area


When it comes to remote camping as well as camping with two dogs, National Parks are not our best friend.  However, under National Parks and/or BLM management are many other areas of land such as National Recreation Areas that have less rules, less crowds and just as much beauty as our National Parks.  Right next door to Canyonlands National Park is Canyon Rims National Recreation Area...

McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area


Need to relax? Go outside.  Need to clear your mind? Go outside.  Need to be inspired? Go outside.  Nature is putting on the most incredible show every hour of every day and we don’t stop nearly enough to appreciate it.  Our truck camper has afforded us the opportunity to escape, explore and be inspired by the great outdoors.  I’ve never been more appreciative...


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