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In April we traveled 6,000 miles and camped in 7 states living out of our Four Wheel Camper.  Those 30 days were just another 30 reasons why I hope to one day live on the road full-time.  Everyday somewhere new…a new view, a new challenge, a new experience.  I decided to document this trip less than normal but I still put together a fun little two minute recap video that will give you a good idea of what a 30 day road trip looks like.  Prepare to want your own FWC after you watch it.  In our opinion, there’s no better way to travel!

P.S. All video was shot on our DJI Mavic Pro drone and iPhone 7.  Photos were taken on our Canon 6D.  More links and info regarding our camera equipment can be found on our Gear Page.


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    • Thanks for asking Kevin! You just reminded me to go add that info to the post.

      All video was shot on our DJI Mavic Pro drone and iPhone 7. Photos were shot on our Canon 6D.

  • Fantastic! We have been looking at the maverick pro and glad to see see some footage from one ????. Quick question…where you guys were, would you have had any issues towing a small camper with you? 20′ or less in length…We are looking at something along the lines of an rpod. We love the idea of a truck camper but are a little worried it may not be the best setup for us since we have a little girl on the way in about 2 weeks! Thanks for sharing!

    • Greg, Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your baby girl!!!

      We didn’t bring our trailer on this trip knowing we were going to be covering a lot of ground and not spending more than a day or two in each campsite. The constant hooking up and unhooking gets a little annoying when you’re doing it that often. Since we didn’t have the trailer, we’re a little more liberal with exploring back roads. We never did any kind of rock crawling or anything like that but we did find ourselves on some roads that were terribly rutted out and were glad we weren’t towing anything. But…that’s not to say you can’t get cool places with a trailer. We lover our little 13’ trailer and still camp some awesome places when we take it!

  • Hey guys! This is such a cool video and I love the drone footage. My fiance and I live full time in a camper and we are looking forward to getting different gear to document our adventures. Thanks for sharing your amazing travels!

    • Thanks! You should definitely check out the DJI Mavic drone, it’s an awesome way to document the traveling lifestyle! I’m also hearing great things about DJIs latest drone, the Spark. It’s even more affordable and compact, definitely worth checking out.

  • Looks like you had a blast! We are taking delivery this month on a new Hawk shell. I noticed you have your bikes with you and no trailer. What carrier did you use and would you recommend it? We appreciate all the knowledge you share!

    • Congrats on your Hawk shell purchase! We hope you love it as much as we love ours. It’s the best money we’ve ever spent.

      Here is the exact bike rack we purchased. Mark admittedly went cheap on this purchase since we usually carry our bikes in our trailer and this was one exception where we weren’t traveling with our trailer and needed a way to haul our bikes. I don’t recommend this bike rack if you intend to drive anywhere other than pavement. The bar that clamps down on to the crossbars of our bike wore thru the paint. We were on a lot of rutted dirt roads during that trip and in hind sight should have gone with a rack more like this. It wouldn’t have caused the same wear and tear on our bikes. I hope this is helpful!

  • Where do you recommend going in Colorado…we are headed there for a week in Aug or Sept and not sure where to go….def want so epic hiking nearby.

  • Hi there Mark and Michele
    Have enjoyed reading your blog and your 40 days YouTube vids.
    Just thought I’d post that up, also admire y’all respect to life and living it.


We’re Mark & Michele, modern-day nomads perfecting the art of slow, full-time travel.  Our tiny home on wheels and slow-paced travel style allows us to minimize our expenses while maximizing our freedom.  May our unconventional way of life inspire you to design a life that you love.


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