Our trip to Idaho a few weeks ago was a failed house hunting mission. We’d been planning a move since Mark was offered a dream aviation job. But our wild, mountain spirits couldn’t find anywhere we wanted to settle in the dry, agricultural valley where we would need to live. It was a week filled with soul-searching and introspective conversation. What we concluded was this… We don’t need much besides each other and the wilderness to be happy. The happiest we’ve ever been are during the months spent on the open road with only the essentials that can fit in our camper.

So, in a few weeks, when our house closes escrow, we’ll embark on a journey we’ve dreamed of for years. Our truck will become our home and the wilderness our backyard. We may roam for 3 months or 3 years, we have no idea. And the idea of moving to Idaho is hardly off the table… right now is just not the right time. Because now is the time to simplify, recalibrate and rediscover what it is that’s truly important to us. Our new journey begins soon and we could not be more excited.