Since this website always gets shoved to the back burner the second half of the year, I thought I’d share what we’ve been up to lately before we (hopefully) move forward with regular posts again!  June-October is when our photography business kicks in to high gear which is exactly why we drop off the face of the earth here at Two Happy Campers.  Until we can figure out how to get paid to go camping, you can count on finding us on one mountain top or another photographing weddings every weekend of the summer and fall.

We’re typically either at a wedding…


…or in front of our computers editing one.

But with a commute and views like this, we have zero complaints:


We did manage to squeeze in one last camping trip around Southwest Colorado before wedding season started up.  We discovered the darkest skies we’ve ever camped under in Dove Creek, indulged in pizza and beer at Dolores River Brewery (we would gladly move to Dolores in a heartbeat) and fell in love with the Million Dollar Highway connecting Ouray and Durango.  If you’ve never been to this part of Colorado, we highly recommend checking it out!


Every year we tell ourselves we need to figure out how to camp more during the summer months and it never pans out.  This year we decided to enjoy life at home and the unlimited recreation surrounding us and save the camping for winter.

Staying home isn’t so bad when a typical summer’s day in our backyard looks like this:

Hiking took the place of camping this summer.  We’re unbelievably blessed with a plethora of hiking trails surrounding us.  This one is from a trail that starts at the top of Loveland Pass.  Hiking above treeline is probably one of my most favorite summertime activities:

I spent a quick but wonderful weekend with my family in LA:

We added weekly bike rides to our schedule which I quickly became addicted to.  Last year a 20 mile ride sounded ludicrous to me and this year it became routine.  Riding to the top of Vail Pass was a highlight of our summer.

This is a teeny, tiny peek at something that I hope to soon become a big part of this blog.  We started shooting a ton of timelapse photography this summer.  We love shooting them we just don’t love the time-consuming post production that follows.  As soon as we can get our workflow streamlined, we’ll have much more to share!

Summer can be a really stressful time for us with our business.  Getting outside and staying active is the only thing that keeps us balanced.  Every year work ends up consuming us and our well-being gets overlooked.  This summer we were determined to keep our health and well-being a priority and we succeeded!  No amount of work or bad weather stopped us from getting out!

In August, Mark’s parents, sisters and their families visited.  It was an action-packed week filled with hiking, paddleboarding, rafting and camping.  We had a blast!


Our nephew Jaxon had never been camping and wanted to know if he could go during his visit.  Mark and him spent a night in the wilderness at about 11,000′ just below Webster Pass.  Jaxon is twelve and infatuated with the outdoors just like us.  I have a feeling there will be many more adventures like this one in his future.

In August, Mark spent a week doing back-country flight training in Idaho.  I wasn’t even there and I can hardly find the words for what a once-in-a-lifetime experience this was.  In six days he logged 18 hours of flight time and landed at 25 different back-country airstrips.  We greatly value experiences over material possessions so when this opportunity came up, we had to make it happen.  I look forward to blogging about this trip in more detail soon!

Last year via Instagram, I came across a photographer whose work and lifestyle I immediately connected with and admired.  In September we met Carl Zoch on top of Independence Pass for our first time in front of the camera since our wedding.  We had the best time, were blessed with perfect weather and were gifted with some photographs that I’ll cherish for a long time to come.

Colorado’s perfect fall weather extended well in to October and allowed us one last camping trip in the mountains before the snow moved in for the winter.  Little did I know this would be our last camping trip for several months…

Not long after that camping trip, I ended up here.  It’s amazing how life can be moving along swimmingly and then BAM!, your body has another thing coming.  I was blindsided with an unusual health condition that landed me in emergency surgery followed by three weeks on the couch.  I’m due for a second surgery in January which has led us to cancel our annual migration to the Southwest.  At first I was so frustrated at this unexpected turn of events but now I’m just grateful for my body’s ability to heal.  If all goes well, I’ll be good as new by February and we’ll be back on the road!

This brings us to last night.  November 2015 is the first month in many, many years that we didn’t take a single photo except the one above.  Last night we went for a drive, parked on top of Ute Pass, watched and photographed the sunset.  It was absolutely wonderful and felt like one more step towards being back to my normal self.

So there you have it!  All the fun and not-so-fun things we’ve been up to the last six months.  I’ve got plans for many new blog posts over the next couple of months so stay tuned!

I hope your summer was as enjoyable as ours and your holiday season is happy and healthy!