My journal entry from Day 3 of our fall road trip around northwestern Colorado:
We arrived at the perfect camp site at 4:13pm after a leisurely 4 hour drive thru the Flat Tops and over Dunckley Pass.  Shortly after taking in the new paradise we had just found it occurred to me that no one I know, except those that do it with us, will ever know what it’s like to travel like this.  There is no way to describe what it feels like to drive for four hours on dirt roads, paved roads, over mountains and thru valleys to then stumble upon the perfect home for the night where you can listen to the wind rustle the aspen leaves and the stream flow over red rock while watching the sun set beneath a hillside painted  in red, orange and yellow brush.  To sit and breath the cool mountain air beneath a bluebird sky while observing the fact that there are no signs of civilization for miles around.  To not have a single care in the world except for chopping enough wood for the night’s fire and collecting enough water from the stream to put it out.  Although I’ve used many, there are no words to properly describe what it feels like to be right here, right now.  If I could use only one it would be…paradise.

The view from the summit of Dunckley Pass.

New growth and the remains of a wildfire on Trappers Lake Road.

Searching for a camp site in White River National Forest.

One of the many views from our new camp site.

Black dog turned brown. Thank god for the nearby stream to clean her off before getting in the camper.