After a week spent in the magnificent Alabama Hills, March was coming to a close.  We’d been on the road for six months and it was time to decide how we wanted to spend our final six weeks of travel before returning to Colorado for the summer.  We could go anywhere and do anything but there was one particular thing that we couldn’t stop thinking about and that was an opportunity in Idaho that had presented itself a year ago.  We decided we would dedicate the month of April to Idaho and to seeing what we could make of that opportunity.  This meant our wandering winter was coming to a close.  We slowly made our way thru Nevada over the course of a week and soaked up all there is to love about this nomadic lifestyle.  We had no predetermined route, no campsites scouted and instead returned to our spontaneous camping roots.  Taking it one mile at a time and seeing where the road took us.  You can Google and plan all you want but, for us, flying by the seat of our pants, paper map in hand, and simply pursuing our curiosity of where a road leads…well, there’s no more exciting and rewarding way to travel.


Crossing the Nevada/California border with the Sierras in our mirror.  If you want to discover copious amounts of free BLM camping, Nevada’s the place to do it.

Somewhere along Nevada highway 208 is Wilson Canyon Recreation Area.  An easy stop if you’re coming from or heading to the middle of nowhere Nevada.

From Wilson Canyon we made our way a few hours North, eventually finding a beautiful spot on the shore of Rye Patch Reservoir.  Upon our arrival, not only was there not another soul in sight but the sign informed us that there was no longer a fee to camp here.  From fee to free?  That never happens!

See us down in the bottom left hand corner?

Continuing North, highway 95 took us in to Southeastern Oregon where we lucked out once again with a free shoreline campsite at Antelope Reservoir.

We arrived just in time to enjoy a gorgeous evening but the horrendous wind that greeted us the next morning told us it was time to cross the border in to Idaho and see what April would bring.

April has been nothing short of a whirlwind and has brought about a very exciting turn of events for us.  While our winter travels have been a once-in-a-lifetime experience, there was something even better out there for us that had been brewing for nearly a year.  Check back in next week to read all about why Idaho is the title of our next chapter!