A few weeks back I wrote about the 10 elements to the perfect boondocking campsite.  At the end of that article I mentioned that we rarely find spots with all 10 items on our wish list.  Well, a few weeks back, we hit the boondocking lottery with this one.  It took some effort to find this place and when we arrived, we knew we wouldn’t want to leave any time soon.  Our spot was nestled up against giant granite boulders, excellent protection from the forecasted wind, and steps away from our site were such incredible views of the nearby rugged peaks they looked fake.  We were in boondocking heaven and after 6 days, it was tough to move on.  We soaked up every minute of peace and serenity at this spot knowing that life doesn’t get any better.

I imagine many of you will be curious where this was.  At the risk of ruffling feathers, I’ll be upfront and say that we’re going to keep this one to ourselves.  So many places that were once little known and took time and effort to find are now listed on camping websites and apps complete with directions and GPS coordinates.  This particular place is not listed anywhere and I’d like to leave it that way, at least for now.  I’m sure that will change soon enough.  Our feelings on publicizing locations is mixed as we do use these resources to locate sites.  We’re just discouraged by the increase we’ve witnessed in trash and general disrespect to Mother Nature.  We cherish these places and leave them as if we were never there so that hopefully others may enjoy them the same for many years to come.


Not only was it a bumpy ride to this spot but we learned that one of the latches on our cabinets broke.  This is why you don’t carry glass in an RV : )

These boulders were like an adult playground.  We climbed up them every night to watch the sunset.

On our first night, Mark was visited by a ring-tailed cat.  Mark didn’t get a photo but said it climbed around outside the trailer and stared through the windows at Mark.  He had no idea what it was until googling “raccoon-looking cat”.  We later learned it’s the State Mammal of Arizona.  You’re welcome for that fun fact : )

Zero light pollution made for some excellent stargazing.

I have no idea if we’ll ever be back but this spot will forever be remembered fondly.  We hope you enjoyed the photos and understand our desire to not publicize its whereabouts : )