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Our path to full-time RV travel was far from straightforward. We’ve tried part-time and full-time travel with various rigs since 2012. It’s now been four years since we last lived in a house and we can’t imagine going back. Here we share a candid account of what it’s like to travel full-time.

A-Z Guide to Full-time RV Living: Learn how to camp responsibly


Welcome to post 12 of 26 in the A-Z guide to full-time RV Living! Wild camping on public lands (also known as boondocking and dispersed camping) means there’s no one coming around to clean up after you when you leave.  Whatever you do while occupying a piece of land, will be an imprint you leave behind.  If you’re not considerate, that imprint could have negative ramifications on the habitat of...

Notes from the road: April ’24


Welcome to Notes From The Road, a monthly recap of where we’ve been, what we’ve been up to, and the things we’ve enjoyed over the last 30 days. April began at an idyllic campsite in Arizona and is ending at our property on Colorado’s Western Slope.  It’s been a month filled with many of the unique ups and downs that come with full-time RV travel.  We hope you enjoy this recap of the highs and...

A day in the life: run off by rattlesnakes


After six weeks camping in Arizona, it felt good to cross the border into Utah.  Utah is an incredible state, diverse in landscape, with an immense amount of free camping opportunities.  We decided to return to a spot near the small, remote town of Bluff that we’ve previously enjoyed.  Nearby Comb Ridge is one of our favorite geological features in the west and we were hoping to stay a week...

A-Z Guide to Full-time RV Living: Know your Why


Welcome to post 11 of 26 in the A-Z guide to full-time RV Living. So you have a burning desire to live on the road full-time.  Maybe you’ve even begun making steps towards making it happen.  Your determination is fierce and it’s all you can think about.  Do you know why? I believe this is a vital question to ask yourself before leaving your old life behind and venturing into an entirely new way...

A day in the life: why we plan our travel days conservatively


Earlier this week we reached the 14 day limit (stipulated by the rules of the national forest) at the spot we were camped in.  We had no intention of staying that long but the weather could not have been more perfect.  The spot was gorgeous and peaceful, and the nearby hiking trails offered some fantastic swimming and hiking opportunities.  It was a great stay. The beautiful view...

A-Z Guide to Full-time RV Living: Juggling a job with life on the road


Welcome to post 10 of 26 in the A-Z guide to full-time RV Living! Full-time RV travel isn’t exclusively for the retired or independently wealthy.  Whether it be a traditional job done remotely or an income opportunity you’ve never even heard of, there are a multitude of ways to earn while living a mobile lifestyle.  In this post I’m going to share what that looks like for us...

A day in the life: relocating from Wickenburg to Wickenburg


I woke up yesterday morning with a singular goal, get outside.  The forecast was calling for 40mph winds beginning at noon, followed by overcast skies, cool temps, and on and off rain for the next three days.  This meant all the doors and windows of our RV would not be open for several days and so getting outside and soaking up the sun was imperative. I hiked a few miles around camp...

Notes from the road: March ’24


Welcome to Notes From The Road, a monthly recap of where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to. March began in a small town in Mexico, where we waited two days for fuel to be delivered to the local gas station, and is now ending in central Arizona, where we’re waiting for temps to rise in Colorado before returning to our property for the spring.  After arriving back in the States...

Why we have a truck camper and travel trailer for full-time travel


A few weeks ago we moved back into our travel trailer after spending 3 months traveling around Mexico in our truck camper. Since we’ve taken a unique approach to full-time travel by alternating between two different rigs, I thought I’d share the details behind the 10 years of experimentation that led us to this choice. I hope you enjoy this peek into our backstory! Every spring is...

A-Z Guide to Full-time RV Living: Inspiration


Welcome to post 9 of 26 in the A-Z guide to full-time RV living! I is for Inspiration Inspiration is a beautiful thing. When we have our sights set on a big goal or dream, inspiration helps keep the fire stoked, because even the most exciting dreams can start to feel like a grind when you get down to the minutiae of bringing them to fruition. Add to that a goal as unconventional as living on the...


We’re Mark & Michele, modern-day nomads perfecting the art of slow, full-time travel.  Our tiny home on wheels and slow-paced travel style allows us to minimize our expenses while maximizing our freedom.  May our unconventional way of life inspire you to design a life that you love.


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