Our life on the road

Since 2020 we’ve been living and traveling full-time in a 21′ Desert Fox toy hauler. These are stories from our everyday life on the road.

A Sedona sunrise hike


We woke at 4:20am.  We were on the trail before 6:00 and arrived at our destination 20 minutes before the sun rose.  Our timing worked out perfectly. I had casually said to Claire & Brandon a few days prior “we should do a sunrise hike to the cave”.  I was merely filing the air with words, I hadn’t really thought that hard about it.  Mark actually laughed out loud, this is...

All the weird & random things that happened in Ajo


I actually kept a list. By the time the third weird/random thing happened I decided it was time to keep tabs. It started with the night we genuinely thought the world might be ending. I’d stepped outside for a moment when a wildly bright light in the sky quickly caught my eye. Bright enough it was casting shadows. Yet it seemed to be quite a ways away. We spotted a smoke trail behind it and then...

Finding community where I least expected it


We had some technical difficulties while trying to get a photo of us with Anne before we part ways. It resulted in some fun photos though. In 2017, when we were living on the road in our Casita, I had the realization that I was craving community. An unfamiliar feeling for someone that has gravitated towards solitude and independence for most of her life. My very introverted nature has rarely...

This is winter in the desert


In January we spent two glorious weeks at Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. It would have been great all on its own but the fact that Claire & Brandon came to share a week with us made it that much better. Our lifestyles so easily and seamlessly blend when we’re all together. And the ways in which we bring ingredients together to make decadent meals without ANY pre-planning…well, it makes our...

An acknowledgement, a recap, and a tribute


As I was about to begin telling you about the most delightful week that we just had camping with our friends in the desert, the contrast of my week compared to all the pain and heartache being felt around the world right now hit me upside the head, as it often does lately. Our current lifestyle, living and traveling in an RV, has been treating us so well that it almost feels as though we’ve...

Our new travel style: living life two weeks at a time


Yesterday we concluded our 14 day stay outside of Hurricane, Utah.  We moved 2 hours south to Lake Mead, Nevada where we plan to once again take advantage of the maximum allowed stay of 14 days.   This is our third time living on the road full-time since 2013.  Each time with a different truck/trailer combo and each time with a different style of travel.  And if there’s...

Colorado to Utah, with a few hiccups in between


It’s been a busy week.  I’m happy to say that we’re currently residing at a gorgeous site in Southern Utah and the weather could not be better.  But first, a recap of the last week. On Friday the perfect weather that we’d been reveling in at our property was coming to an end.  With snow in the forecast and lows dipping in to the teens, we knew it was time to begin migrating south.  Not...

Summer 2020: Reacclimating to life on the road


In a matter of 5 weeks (or was it 4?) we sold our house in Idaho, sold our plane, procured our next RV, filled a storage unit with everything that wouldn’t come with us, and hit the road. In June 2020 our third stint living on the road full-time had officially begun. We had a few goals for the summer ahead… Re-establish residency in Colorado (not an easy task with no permanent...

Embracing change & deciding to return to full-time RV living


The last two months have brought to light the non-essential nature of our careers.  In March, as COVID began to tighten it’s grip on the US, the need for what we do (Mark, a flight instructor and me, a wedding photographer) came to a screeching halt.  Most of April turned in to an unsettling game of “wait and see”.  We stayed home, going out only for groceries and walks.  At any given time in...

Hiking The Subway: Zion National Park

subway hiking trail

During our stay in Hurricane, Utah some friends invited us to hike The Subway in Zion National Park.  We only knew two things about The Subway: 1) it’s one of Zion’s most popular hikes 2) a permit is required and can be very hard to get.  Our friends said if we wanted to go, this was the time to do it as permits are far easier to come by in November than the Spring, Summer and Fall. ...


We’re Mark & Michele, modern-day nomads perfecting the art of slow, full-time travel.  Our tiny home on wheels and slow-paced travel style allows us to minimize our expenses while maximizing our freedom.  May our unconventional way of life inspire you to design a life that you love.


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