Last year I wrote a post titled “Our Truck Camper Setup” and talked about what our Four Wheel Camper included stock from the factory, what upgrades we ordered at the time of purchase and what we’ve added since then.  I’d love to expand on what we’ve added and why.  Here’s a list of all our truck camper mods and additions, in no particular order…

1. ARB Refrigerator.  This was our first purchase after we got our truck camper installed and I can’t imagine camping without it.  Before the truck camper, dealing with ice and soggy food was one of my least favorite parts about camping.  Our ARB refrigerator fits like a glove at the front of our camper and is powered 100% by solar.  Since there is no ice to take up a bunch of space, we can easily carry a week’s worth of food.

Bonus: Mark had to make a platform for the refrigerator to sit on so that the door handle was not blocked by the dinette seat.  Our dinette table stows perfectly underneath the platform when not in use.

truck camper mod

2. Second Solar Panel.  Our truck camper purchase included a solar panel (for an additional cost) that was mounted to the roof.  However, with all the winter camping we do, our fixed panel wasn’t charging fully due to the low angle of the sun.  Mark added a second panel that stows beneath the cab-over of the camper but could be pulled out and placed anywhere to get a maximum charge.  Now we never have to worry about running out of battery power.

diy rv solar

3. Trimetric Battery Monitor.  With the battery monitor, Mark can keep track of how much power is coming in, how much is going out and at what rate.  Between camera gear, computer gear, the furnace, refrigerator and more, we consume a lot of power so it’s nice to know where we stand.

diy rv solar

4.  12 Volt Plug.  Mark mounted this 12 volt plug to the side of the battery box making it easy to plug in phone chargers, laptop chargers, etc.

5.  300 Watt Inverter.  Mark installed this inverter and household plug to allow us to charge any of our items that require AC power such as our camera battery chargers.


6.  Dometic Cassette Toilet.  Stows perfectly beneath the shelf behind the dinette.  Mark mounted a bungee cord to the wall behind the toilet to ensure it stays secure during off-road travel.  Two toilet tips: 1) We recommend RV holding tank treatment by Happy Camper as it masks the odor the best without the use of toxic chemicals.  2) Be a good camping companion and remember to ventilate your camper when using the toilet.

camping toilet

7.  Reflectix.  We didn’t see the sense in spending a few hundred dollars on curtains when you can buy a roll of Reflectix for $30.  Besides, with its insulation qualities, Reflectix is a far better window covering than curtains.  We cut out panels to fit in each window and even have a couple extra pieces that we put beneath the mattress pad on those really cold nights.  It’s incredible how warm it will keep you.

Bonus: Put a piece of Reflectix on your camp chair and you’ve got yourself a heated seat.

rv window covering

8.  CO2 Tank.  It’s common practice for us to air our tires down for smoother travel on dirt roads.  I don’t think I could handle the amount of washboard we find ourselves on without airing down.  But, airing down means needing a way to air back up once we return to pavement.  Our CO2 tank does just that.  Better yet, we can make our own soda water anytime, any place.  Mark mounted the tank to the inside of our camper using this Quick Fist clamp.  Tip: Our ARB deflator makes airing down easy.


9.  Lift-assist Struts.  Before deciding to add lift-assist struts, popping the top of our Four Wheel Camper was do-able but took some strength and leverage which proved to be difficult in a fully packed camper.  After Mark installed the struts, popping the top became so easy, even I could do it.  It’s a nice addition that just makes life easier.

pop-up truck camper mod

10.  Flashlight Mount.  This flashlight mounted to the left of the door serves as an easily accessible light that can be reached from outside the camper.  It’s also nice to have a designated home for a flashlight so that we know where one is at all times.  (Even though we seem to have at least five flash lights laying around at any given time)

rv flashlight mount

11.  Fantastic Fan.  This remote control powered fan can be set on a thermostat or controlled manually.  It also has a rain sensor and will close the vent if it starts to rain.  We use it frequently as it comes in handy on those hot days.

rv fantastic fan

12.  Screen Door Bar.  I love simple things that make life easier like this screen door bar.  It’s an easy way to get the door shut and is a nice place to hang a towel to dry.


13.  Memory Foam Mattress Pad.  Between this mattress pad and our down comforter, it feels down-right fraudulent to call this camping.  We sleep better in our truck camper than we do at home.

truck camper mattress

14.  LED Lighting.  Efficiency is key in order to make the most of the power we generate off our solar panels so converting to LED lighting was a no-brainer.

RV LED lighting

Whether it’s for ease-of-use, comfort or functionality, all these additions have proven to be well worth the time and money.  And yet, we continue to come up with more ideas to make our truck camper the ultimate camping rig.

What’s your favorite truck camper mod that you wouldn’t want to live without?