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Traveling to Baja every winter is quite literally a dream come true.  Each trip, this one being our third, opens our minds and teaches us things about ourselves we may otherwise have never gotten the chance to learn.  One of those things being the joy and satisfaction we get from sharing our travels and positively impacting others.

Last year, at the start of our second trip, I got the spontaneous urge to write daily recaps, simply because I wanted a way to remember everything we experienced.  Then I decided to publish them here.  Something I never would have predicted is that through living our lives and sharing our experiences in an honest way we would inspire others to set off on their own adventures.  Mark & I have always been hesitant to share our lives so publicly but this fact has changed our perspective. With that, we’re excited to start sharing more about our nomadic way of life.

To all of you who have read our daily recaps, commented, sent texts and emails telling us how much you enjoy reading every day…thank you.  You’ve inspired us.  

While this concludes this season’s series of daily posts, you can count on receiving new posts in your inbox once a week on various topics.  And we hope you’ll join us again at the end of the year when an entirely new series of daily posts resumes.

Thank you for being here.

Michele & Mark

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  • Thanks for having the discipline to write your daily recap. I imagine some days it was the last thing you wanted to do!

    • There were a couple of those day for sure! It definitely helped knowing that people were looking forward to reading every day.

  • Welcome back! Going to miss my morning reading. Can’t wait to catch up when you get back to the valley.

  • Reading your posts every morning has become part of my morning ritual over the last few weeks, I will miss it. Have a great summer and we will hopefully see you somewhere in Mexico this fall.
    Len & Bren

    • Hey there! I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed following along. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that we cross paths again later this year!

  • Thanks for the daily stores , I read every for the past years . I have Northern Lite truck camper I travel a lot . I’m like you all boomdock . I hope some we will cross paths . Thanks again . Tracy

  • We live in Patagonia,AZ with the Border being only a 15 minute drive away. Since reading your postings the past few years, I foresee us taking our 4Wheel Camper to the unknown. You are definitely an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Thank you for sharing your adventures. I enjoyed reading your posts everyday. They gave me comfort to know that you were out there living the dream. I will miss your dailies and look forward to your weekly posts. Thanks again…..

  • Thank you for your daily posts! They have been so much fun to read. I can’t wait every morning to read the next one. I look forward to your once a week post! I especially loved your recap post. Your trips to Baja are truly amazing. The landscapes, the local natives, the food, the sea life and your traveling friends have been such a joy to be a part of. Thank you Mark and Michele! I love you both❤

  • Hi
    Thank you for doing a daily note of your travels thru Baja. I did not read every day, and only commented a couple times. I did read a majority of your comments on the daily life travel. It was unique and a quick read. Looking forward to reading your next adventure in living life.



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