Baja Day 11: Bahia de Los Angeles

This morning, while cruising around the bay, we came upon a massive school of tiny fish right at the surface. Beneath them were dozens of larger fish feeding on them. And above it all were pelicans and seagulls wanting in on the action. It was absolutely mesmerizing. 

On our way back to camp we followed the shoreline passing dozens of other campers. It’s fun getting to see everyone’s morning routine. Some are working on laptops from their beach chair, some are doing yoga, some are still lying in bed with their van doors open out to the view of the sea. We get comments left and right about our “boat”. It turns out this thing is a conversation piece and everyone is loving it. We laugh and also cringe as drawing attention to ourselves is so not our thing. But it’s totally worth it. 

The best comment we got was from a European man that laid eyes on it as he walked past our camp. He stopped, stared for a minute, then excitedly exclaimed “That thing is AWESOME. Did you make it?” Mark humbly replied that he sort of did but it’s not an original idea. The man chuckled and said “Only an American would come up with that.” We all laughed and as he continued to walk down the beach I couldn’t help but wonder what he would have said if I’d asked him to elaborate on that statement. I love the opportunity to hear outside perspectives on American culture. It snaps me out of my bubble and reminds me that there are many different ways to navigate life. 

Tomorrow we’ll continue south. It’s hard to imagine this trip getting any better and yet its barely just begun. 


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