Baja Day 13: Guerrero Negro

We decided to stay in Guerrero Negro for a couple of days to catch up on work and chores. The RV park we’re at is nothing to write home about but it’s far easier to focus on work when not camped on a dreamy beach. 

After my first work call we filled two large bags with laundry and walked them down the street to a laundromat conveniently located next door to our favorite taco truck. Drop off laundry, eat a taco. Back home I did two more zoom calls then back to the laundromat. Pick up laundry, eat another taco. (I could do this all day)

For $8.50, all of our towels and sheets, plus half of our wardrobe, were washed, dried, and folded. Never in my adult life has anyone done my laundry for me and I feel completely and utterly pampered. 

We log a few more hours of work and chores then set out to find dinner. According to Google there’s a retired man cooking up gourmet burgers from a food cart in his front yard. A short 4 block walk and we’re at his front door. A man comes out, fires up the grill, and prepares us a decadent burger. His daughter brings out our side of fries from inside the house. While we eat we chat with two bike-packers that rode down from San Diego, 457 miles north of here. Some may think Mark & I are extreme, living out of a truck camper, but the thought of living on a bicycle makes my life feel downright extravagant. 

$9 later we’re walking back home, with full bellies, and happy hearts for another wonderful day in this country. 

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