Baja Day 2: San Felipe to La Poma

I’m not a morning person but if getting up at first light means getting to watch the sunrise over the ocean while I stand with my bare feet in the sand then I’m in. 

It’s our first full day in Mexico and we’re feeling beyond stoked to be back. The pace is slower here and Mark & I feel so much more suited to it vs the pace of achievement & efficiency first, rest & enjoyment later that dominates in the states. 

How we went about getting breakfast is a great example of the casual way in which  things work around here:

The modest campground we stayed at has a little restaurant on site that feels more like eating in someone’s kitchen than a restaurant. No hours are posted but a “closed” sign hangs in the window. A gentleman is out sweeping the porch at 7am so Mark asks when and if they’ll be opening for breakfast. “Sure!” he says, “what would you like, some pancakes or something?” Mark says “Chilaquiles?” The man says sure, maybe in an hour or so. Later as we’re walking across the campground to the showers the same man shouts to us “Hey, when do you want your chilaquiles?” Mark asks if 30 minutes works and thirty minutes later we’re invited inside, the sign still says “closed” and he starts making our breakfast. A few minutes later the most beautiful plate of chilaquiles, eggs, and refried beans is served, all made from scratch. His wife, I believe, walked from her home across the street to help out. She spoke zero English and when it was time to pay gently took the correct amount of pesos out of Mark’s wallet as the communication barrier had him attempting to give her way too much. $14 later (for two of the best breakfasts we’ve ever had) and it was time to pack up and see where the road would take us next. 

We arrived at a picturesque and seemingly untouched white sand beach a few hours later. 


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