Baja Day 20: Mulege to Loreto

It’s cold and windy this morning so we decide to continue south. We’re ready to stay put somewhere for a few days but this didn’t really feel like the spot and the weather solidified that decision. 

Today’s 2 hour drive is stunning, following the shoreline of Bahia de Concepcion for the first 1/3 of the trip. We scout out a couple of campsites along the way and bank them in our memory for the trip back north. 

Shortly after arriving in Loreto we find a quiet little RV park in the center of town. Its a short walk to many shops and restaurants. Not our usual environment but a fun change of pace. 

Not long after arriving we run in to our Canadian friends again, the same ones we ran in to yesterday in Mulege, and they end up getting a spot at the same place as us. We’ve now randomly crossed paths several times but haven’t yet hung out so we invite them to dinner. We walk from camp to a great little brew pub a block away and enjoy great conversation, live music, and a beautiful, cozy patio for hours. I found myself thinking “Am I really at a pub in Mexico right now making new friends with fellow travelers?? This is amazing”.  

There’s something about sharing in the joy and adventure of this lifestyle with like-minded people that makes it all that much more rich and exciting and fun. I’m admittedly beyond awkward trying to strike up conversations with strangers but today I was reminded just how rewarding it can be. 


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  • There is a fun old Jesuit Church from Loreto about 10 miles inland. Definitely worth the effort while you wait out the bad weather.

  • Yeah it is cold in San Diego, too. Warms my heart to read you meet someone on the road. Good. Enjoy. Ditto on the old mission. There are several up and down the peninsula. You probably have read about them etc.

    • We’ve been to a few of the missions and I think San Javier is my favorite so far. I love how it’s tucked up in the mountains.

    • I’ll admit our tolerance for cold weather is pretty bad! Baja isn’t exactly cold compared to what we used to tolerate in Colorado!


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