Baja Day 30: The Desert

Camping in Baja is seemingly a beach-hopping experience. Which is why many might find it odd that Mark & I are currently camped off the side of a dirt road in the middle of the desert. As crazy as this might sound, we found ourselves both craving silence. The ocean, while an exquisite melody to fall asleep and wake to, is a constant source of noise. Spending a night in the stillness and silence of the desert sounded so good that we stayed all day, making tonight our second night here. 

The surrounding mountains resemble Zion National Park in Utah. And the desert vegetation is as lush and green as any I’ve ever seen. A few miles from here may be one of Baja’s most sought-after beaches. But to us, this desert is just as good. It’s crazy to think of how much of Baja is missed because everyone assumes all the magic is at the beach. 


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