Baja Day 46: Los Barriles

We packed up and made our way through the hectic city streets of La Paz this morning and continued our journey south. Though we made stops at LaVentana and Ensenada de Muertos, we were in a driving kind of mood and continued on down the road to Los Barriles. 

We’ve arrived late in the afternoon to the same beach spot we stayed at last year and shortly after walked down the beach to a restaurant for dinner. The food was underwhelming and overpriced and we made the official decision that tables full of gringos or waitstaff that speaks English is our sign that the food likely isn’t what we’re looking for. Spicy, flavorful, traditional Mexican food is our jam and the flavors are most definitely dialed back for us gringos. 

We walked home still satisfied that we didn’t have to cook or clean and started getting excited for the days that lie ahead. We’re nearing the tip of the peninsula and it’s finally time to explore the East Cape!

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  • Back in 2013 we anchored our sailboat in Bahia de Los Muertos and had a most excellent time. The cantina at the north end of the bay was low key and served inexpensive beer. The Gran Sueño Resort was beautiful and almost completely deserted, as was the golf course. There’s a restaurant there with wifi and a very cool toy railroad set up on the second floor. Even though we weren’t staying at the resort, they welcomed us, and other sailors, into the restaurant. The beach was quiet, the swimming was refreshing, and we bought just caught mahi mahi from the local fishermen. I don’t know what it’s like now, but if it hasn’t changed much, I’d highly recommend a several day stay there.

    • What a great experience. It’s likely it hasn’t changed much. We stopped by to check it out on our way to the East Cape but weren’t ready to stop for the day so we didn’t camp there. It was beautiful and quiet, and we read great things about the restaurant. We’ll have to stay for at least a night next time we’re in the area.

      • Michelle, if you go back and stay a while in Los Muertos, touch base back here and report how things are there. ¡Mucha suerte!


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