Baja Day 5: Cactus Wonderland to Bahia de Los Angeles

We’ve been on the move for 7 days now. 7 days of driving, setting up & unpacking followed by tearing down & packing back up and driving some more. This isn’t our preferred pace but living comfortably in such a tiny space is largely dependent on the weather. And the weather has kept us moving. 

We had a short two hour drive today but in that time I felt the moving fatigue setting in and my cheerful mood subsequently fading. 

Moving every day is time consuming, rendering our usual routine impossible. I’m craving things like exercise, a shower, time to read and work on creative projects, not to mention cook and catch up on work.

This style of travel can lead to burnout in a heartbeat if you’re not careful. We’ve been there. Slowing down is by far the greatest lesson we’ve learned in how to make full-time travel sustainable. 

As of now we’re settled at a new spot and are feeling optimistic that this might be a comfortable home for the next few days. Mark just cooked us a delicious lunch and is currently setting up our shower. The sun is shining, the ocean is 15 steps from our door, and the paddleboards are about to come out. With all that, I’ve quickly remembered why we put out all the effort to get here in the first place. Life doesn’t get much better than this. 


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  • That looks like a cool place on the drone vid! We are also very susceptible to travel burn out, especially when work is demanding our time and we are at odds because we would rather be looking for cool spots to explore – not a decent internet connection :\
    A couple of questions: (1) how much water do you guys normally carry with you? (2) Any trouble with the trailer dragging or issues while taking it out rougher roads? Thanks!

    • I can totally relate to that dilemma Greg. Now that we have Starlink though we don’t spend any time hunting down an internet connection. It’s glorious. In response to your questions: 1) We carry six 7 gallon jugs. 2) No problems with the trailer dragging because it’s a truck bed converted in to a trailer and has the same clearance and same tires as our truck. It performs beautifully anywhere we take it.

  • Good morning
    Beautiful area looks very remote. I understand the benefit of towing the utility bed trailer, increasing all the necessary and fun stuff. Is traveling with the trailer an inconvenience?


    • We don’t find it to be an inconvenience at all but I will say that that has a lot to do with how skilled Mark is at maneuvering it. He’s exceptional at parking it in tight spaces as well as turning it around in tight spaces. If he didn’t have that skill, it would likely be a headache.

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