Baja Day 60: Last day in La Paz

It’s my 42nd birthday today and there’s no place I’d rather be. Mark starts the day by wrapping up tax preparations and sending them off to our accountant. A damn good birthday gift in my book. By late morning he’s done and game to do anything I’d like to do but I’m content as ever, wanting for nothing. The next few hours are spent reading in a hammock. A flood of birthday texts fills me up and reminds me how delightful a simple message can be. And the an hour and a half phone convo with one of my best friends makes the day that much better. 

Throughout the day many micro conversations are had with fellow travelers camped nearby. I’ve never felt so surrounded by like-minded people than when traveling around Baja and it has a profoundly positive effect on my mental health. 

At sunset Mark & Parker prepare a decadent dinner made from the yellowtail we caught yesterday. As if the day couldn’t get any better, I make fast friends with our neighbor’s adorable dog, a rescued Mexican stray.  She happily accepts my affection and I happily receive her kisses. 

This level of contentment is an elusive thing but for whatever reason it seems easier to attain in Mexico. Today I savored every bit of it. 

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By michele


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