Baja Day 61: Playa Ligui

Our migration back north began today with a 4.5 drive to Playa Ligui. Before hitting the road we stopped for groceries at Walmart. While Mark repacked our fridge, I watched what was presumably a dad teaching his daughter how to drive in the empty back corner of the parking lot where we were parked. As we pulled out of the parking lot, what looked like a relaxed driving lesson turned in to chaos when the car all of a sudden accelerated, ran over a tree and then in to a light pole.  I had a hard time picking my jaw up off the ground as Mark began merging in to traffic. 

Halfway in to our drive, in Ciudad Insurgentes, we refueled and were accidentally charged 11,728 pesos instead of 1,728 pesos on our credit card. The gas attendant was extremely apologetic and immediately retrieved his boss who brought us 10,000 pesos in cash. (Roughly $500 US) 

Not long after getting back on the road, a large passenger bus in oncoming traffic began swerving erratically across both lanes. A surge of adrenaline immediately flooded my body and every muscle tensed as we managed to safely get past this massive vehicle that seemed moments from wrecking. I couldn’t help but be overcome by the thought that that could have been the end of us. It could happen that fast. 

An hour or so later we arrived at our campsite feeling drained from this strange day. Mark didn’t waste any time cooking up some fish burritos, an immediate morale booster. 

As the day came to a close, I held all the people I saw today in my thoughts. Hoping they’re all ok. 

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