Baja Day 63: Mulege

It’s windy, overcast, and chilly today. Going in to March, I expected the temps to be going up, not down. But from what I hear it’s snowing in Southern California so it appears to be an atypical winter. 

While we’re aiming to be back in the states in the next couple of weeks, the weather is making me question that plan. Regardless, we continue north today as spending a cold,  windy day in the cab of the truck sounds more appealing than on the beach. After a beautiful 3 hour drive, we arrive at Mulege Brewing Company for lunch where we eat way too much pizza and feel it rob our bodies of energy as we say adios and waddle out the door. 

After lunch we settle at the beach just outside the town of Mulege. We spend the afternoon walking several miles along the river where we run in to Nancy & Susan, two travelers we met at San Dionisio nearly two weeks and several hundred miles ago. I’m delighted to learn we’ll likely see them again as we all coincidentally have plans to camp at Bahia de Los Angeles next week. 

Back at camp Mark and I retreat to our individual little nooks in the camper and spend a quiet evening reading and catching up on work. Tomorrow we’ll get back on the road and see where it takes us. 

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