Baja Day 65: Back to Bahia de Los Angeles

We woke to complete perfection. A cloudless sky and no wind. Flip flop and sweatshirt kind of weather, my favorite kind. I went for a walk while Mark made coffee and then we reluctantly began packing. Were we really going to leave a beach and weather this good? There was a good weather window opening up and we had a plan to get settled and enjoy it at Bahia de Los Angeles so away from the perfect day and the perfect beach we drove. 

It was an easy two hour drive. Along the way we drove through what appeared to be a cloud of wasps or some other mean-looking insect that had gathered by the thousands. Good thing we’re not camping anywhere near here we thought. 

I was delighted and relieved to arrive and find the same perfect weather at Bay of LA. That was until we were swarmed by wasps. Mark & I hurriedly hopped back in the truck and watched as they glommed on to the hood and mirrors like magnets. We could see other campers casually hanging out outside, appearing to not be having the same experience as us. We couldn’t help but wonder if whatever cloud of insects we drove through had left some kind of attractant on the surface of the truck. 

At a bit of a loss and with growing appetites, we decided to drive back in to town for food. A small establishment caught our attention thanks to the large sign hanging out front that read “best fckin food in bahia” so we decided to try it. While the food was more than underwhelming, the adorable mutt that laid at my feet the entire time made up for it. 

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  • You two have probably mentioned your Standard Starlink antenna and how well it works for you, but if so I missed that particular post. Can you refer me to anything you’ve said about your Starlink, or if you’ve never talked about it, can you enlighten your readers as to your setup?

    • You didn’t miss anything, we haven’t talked much about it except for how much we love it. It’s worked flawlessly for us in the year we’ve had it. But for more details and technical specs I’ll refer you to You Tube. I think there are a lot of travelers that have made videos with specifics about how it works.


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