Baja Day 8: Bahia de Los Angeles

A breeze was kicking up this morning when Mark asked if I wanted to go out on the water. I almost said no but luckily my subconscious snapped me out of it. A few minutes later we’re slowly motoring along when mark says “There’s something in the water up ahead and it’s definitely bigger than a seal. Maybe a dolphin?”  Next thing we know we’re surrounded by a pod of dolphins in every direction. My eyes well up with tears of joy and my heart starts racing. 

Is this really happening? How close will they come? Do not accidentally toss your phone in the water. 

These are the thoughts going through my head. 

Our DIY boat isn’t quite fast enough to keep up with them but we get probably 30 minutes with them before following them out of the bay. As they swim out of the protected bay and in to the open ocean we spot white-capped seas and immediately come to a halt. We’ve hit the limit of what our “boat” is capable of. Time to head back. As we turn around and start heading in to the wind, waves that would appear itty bitty to any other vessel start crashing over our boards. By the time we get back to camp we’re wet, chilly, and our electric motor nearly out of juice. But we made it back, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Cause that was by far one of the coolest things I’ve ever witnessed. 

We share this planet with so many magnificent creatures. To share space with them for even a few minutes is a privilege that’s hard to describe. It makes me feel small and insignificant and so damn grateful to be alive. 


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