Winter in Baja Day 78: Will we make it out of here in one piece?

Las Animas -> Bahia de Los Angeles //

Today’s goal (or shall I say hope): Get to Bahia de los Angeles in one piece.  When we arrived on this beach four days ago Mark discovered a substantial crack in the frame of the trailer and now there were 35 miles of rough terrain standing between us and the nearest town where we *might* be able to find a welder to make the repair.  

The first ten miles of our drive was a narrow two track through the desert.  The way in, four days ago, took us an hour.  Today it takes two.  Mark makes every effort to not put too much stress on the trailer though the ruts, dips, and rocks make it nearly impossible . After reconnecting with the main road we have 25 more miles of dirt to cover at a pace of about 15mph.  A good podcast and some of the most dense and beautiful cactus forest we’ve ever seen helps the time pass more quickly and the stress of a potential problem not weigh too heavy on our minds.

Four hours after departing Las Animas we’re relieved to arrive in Bahia de Los Angeles, a small Mexican town on the Sea of Cortez with less than 1000 residents.  As luck would have it, the very first intersection we pull up to has a mechanic located on the corner.  Across the street is one of two small Mercados in town.  While I go get groceries, Mark walks over to the mechanic with his fingers crossed.  Twenty minutes later I leave the mercado and walk across the street to find the truck and trailer parked in the shop.  A kind man named Sammy has wasted no time getting to work.  In less than an hour and for less than $100 we’re back on the road.  Problem solved.  

Everything was up in the air today.  Our plans hinged entirely on whether or not we would be able to get the trailer repaired and our hopes weren’t all that high given the size of the town.  All of a sudden we were free to travel as we pleased without the stress of being a hazard to ourselves or anyone on the road around us.  It was a relief.

We decided as a group to camp at La Gringa, a nearby beach destination that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed in the past.  When we arrived the water was calm, the temperature warm, and enough sunlight remained to make the most of it.  We swam, went paddleboarding, and did a little shell collecting.  We thanked our friends for sticking with us today even though our pace was as slow as ever.  And as the day turned to night I began to feel sentimental.  Our time with Josh, Darci, and Hannah reaching its inevitable end.  

We felt so taken care of today.  Between the support of our friends that we knew would be there to help if we broke down, and Sammy who couldn’t have been more accommodating, we felt more embraced than ever by this way of travel that we love.  Crossing the border in a few days is going to feel like the end of a chapter.  I’m secretly hoping we get to squeeze in a few more days before the last words are written.

Thank you to Josh & Darci for some of the photos above. : )

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