Winter in Baja Day 14: Back to the beach

Los Girasoles -> San Juanico //

At 9am, after saying our thank yous and goodbyes to Jesus and Maria, we resumed our trek to San Juanico.  Just 18 miles to go and high hopes that at some point the road conditions would improve.  They never did.  Every last mile to San Juanico was rough and slow-going.  The two hours it took us to complete those last 18 miles affirmed yesterday’s decision to stay one more night in the desert.

We all arrived in town with resupply needs, hopeful we would find what we needed, allowing us to stay a few days at one of Baja’s most beautiful beaches.  But San Juanico is quite small so there was no telling what we would find.  Lunch was our first priority and I was delighted that El Burro en Primavera was open.  We were all pretty worn out from the last few days of driving and tacos sounded better than ever.  

After a delicious meal Mark & I headed for the beach to choose a campsite while everyone else sought out groceries.  After selecting a place on the beach to call home we unhooked our trailer and headed back in to town for our most important errand, empty our toilet.  We love the luxury of not having to poop in a hole, but once it’s full the task of finding a place to empty it can be tricky.  We lucked out at the one and only campground in town and both our moods were boosted when we drove away with a clean and empty toilet.  

The local purified water vendor was rationing water and only able to fill one of our jugs but luckily we weren’t in need of more.  The two small markets we stopped in were almost completely out of produce and the tortilleria was closed.  We overheard a local ask when the market would receive a resupply and heard tomorrow was the day.  My fingers remained crossed we could get just a few items that would help the food we already have go a little further.

Back at the beach everyone settled in and reveled at the fact that we no longer had to avoid all the spiky hazards of the desert.  After a little sunset yoga session I watched with a giant grin while the dogs chased each other in circles around the beach and Josh and Hannah ran hand in hand, silhouetted by the orange glow of the sunset.  It felt like a scene from a movie.  All that was missing was an epic song, though the melody of the gentle waves was just as good.  

This evening the six of us reflected in awe at how we all came together in such a random and unpredictable fashion.  In September, Heather and Adam were the camp hosts at the campground we were staying at in Colorado.  Had Heather not convinced introverted Adam to stop their golf cart and say hi to us while we were on a walk, we never would have met.  In February, had we not showed up at the same campground as Josh & Darci and parked beside them, we never would have met them either. But by chance those things did happen and now here we are, 6 days in to cohabitating and making memories I’m certain none of us will ever forget.  I’m not looking forward to the day we all have to say goodbye. 

Photos taken with the Canon R6.

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