Winter in Baja Day 18: Feliz Ano Nuevo

Adolfo Lopez Mateos //

I open the camper door this morning at 6am to a thick layer of fog that I can’t yet see as much as I can feel.  It’s dense and wet and chilly.  The first light of the morning reveals a moody scene, the mangroves barely visible and the water perfectly still.  As the fog lifts, a fog bow takes shape, something I’ve never seen before.  I’m amazed by the number of firsts I have in Baja.  It’s our third year here and they just keep happening, constantly reminding me how much I thrive on new experiences.

The seven of us huddle inside the gazebo tent waiting for the sun’s warmth to permeate the last of the fog.  Once everything and everyone has warmed up, we all set out on the water.  Mark & I on our electric paddleboard boat, Josh, Darci & Hannah on their inflatable kayak, and Heather & Adam on their packrafts.  We’re the only ones with a motor and Mark’s idea to tow everyone around has us all too curious not to try.  With some simple rigging, we become a hilarious gringo flotilla.  I can only imagine what the passing fisherman thought of the scene before them.  For a couple of hours we toured around the mangroves, everyone kicked back in their respective watercraft while our electric trolling motor did all the work.  We’re kind of a hilariously creative group and I’m curious what we come up with next.

After lunch we hatch a plan for the next few days.  Assessing the weather and resource needs of the group helping us gauge our priorities.  The need for clean laundry is quickly climbing the list, though we’re all willing to stretch it another couple of days.  

Hannah requests another movie night and so we ring in the new year with The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  While we didn’t come close to staying up until midnight, around here 9pm is considered Baja Midnight and that’s precisely when we wished each other a happy new year and said goodnight and goodbye to 2023.

The day in photos…

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Photos taken with the Canon R6.
These are Heather & Adam’s packrafts that pack up nice and compact to fit inside their truck camper.
This is Josh & Darci’s gazebo tent that has been great for getting away from the mosquitos.
These paddleboards are what we used to make our electric paddleboard boat.

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