Winter in Baja Day 19: Taking advantage of staying still

Adolfo Lopez Mateos //

This camp has treated us well and so we decide to stay another day.  Three full days in one spot feels amazing and allows us the time and space to do more activities and chores than can be done when only staying still for a night or two.

By 10am everyone is ready to set out on the water, though unlike yesterday, the group divides and pursues different interests.  Heather & Adam paddle out to do some fishing, Mark & Josh board our paddleboard boat with their sights set on making it all the way out to the mouth of the lagoon, and Darci & Hannah paddle out to see what kind of sea life they can find.  I decide to hang back and do some cleaning, our camper having been taken over by sand to the point of it being unpleasant.

While I’m sweeping out the camper I hear Darci yell from her kayak “DOLPHINS”.  I quickly hop out to see several dolphins passing by, a couple hundred yards from shore.  A common sight in Baja and one that never gets old.  

Throughout the course of the afternoon everyone slowly returns home.  Hannah joins me for a yoga session and appears to be a little yogi in the making which delights me to no end.  Mark & Josh return after a 7 mile ride that took them through the mangroves and out to the open ocean.  Heather returns not long after and Adam outlasts them all by several hours.  It turned out Adam put in some work and came home with dinner.  He caught, filleted, and cooked a delicious meal that was devoured by us all.  Josh caught and contributed a fish as well and I began to wonder if we should join the fishing club.  I could easily eat fresh-caught fish on the daily.

Mosquitos drive us in to the protection of Josh & Darci’s gazebo tent where we close out the night with some decadent Mexican hot chocolate.  The contagion of yawns begins to circulate by 7:30pm (we’re a rowdy group, I know) and by 8:00 camp is silent, us all tucked quietly inside our campers, ready for rest and to set off on a new adventure tomorrow. 

The day in photos…

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Photos taken with the Canon R6.
The 28-70mm 2.0 is our favorite and most used lens.
These paddleboards are what we used to make our electric paddleboard boat.

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