Winter in Baja Day 20: Time for a refresh

Adolfo Lopez Mateos -> La Paz //

We leisurely pack up camp and get on the road around 9:30am.  Our first stop is in the town of Ciudad Insurgentes.  The side by side purified water station and tortilleria are too good to pass up.  (It only costs us $2 US for 28 gallons of fresh water). Additionally we pick up a few groceries and get rid of our trash and then it’s southbound for La Paz.

After an easy two hour drive we arrive at Campestre Maranatha, a favorite campground of ours in southern Baja.  The well-manicured grounds, clean restrooms, hot showers, and best of all…laundry facilities, keep us coming back any time we’re in this area.  

While a hot shower sounds amazing, the six of us were primarily drawn to spend a night here so that we could do laundry.  It’s been 3 weeks since our last laundry stop and over a month for Heather & Adam.  With sand starting to make it’s way in to our sheets, it was due time.  

Most of the rest of the afternoon and evening was spent working our way through and around the high demand and low supply of working washers and dryers, this being a popular spot for many travelers who show up, just like us, for one night with every washable item in their camper in need of being cleaned.  I caught myself getting frustrated by the poorly working machines and overbearing people claiming them, until I was walking back to our spot and remembered where I am (in a Mexican paradise) and who I’m with (friends that I adore).  Seeing our three rigs parked side by side brought a smile to my face every time I walked back from the laundry room.  And as I sit here and write this my heart swells at the background noise of those friends chatting, laughing, and all collectively loving the lives we live.  

This nomadic way of living has a way of reminding you what matters and what doesn’t.  It causes you to appreciate the simplest of things.  Tonight I get to put on clean pajamas, go to bed in clean sheets, and tomorrow I’ll wake up next door to dear friends who will be as excited for a new day on the road as I am.  I couldn’t ask for much more.

The day in photos…

Photos taken with the Canon R6.

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