Winter in Baja Day 21: Back to the wild

A remote beach north of La Paz //

The city of LaPaz has a lot to offer, but it’s a city nonetheless and we, most definitely, are not city people.  So this morning, when we wake at the campground in LaPaz, having finished chores the night before, we are excited and ready to venture back out to somewhere wild and remote.  

Last year our friends told us about a road that hugs the shoreline north of LaPaz and was where they found one of their favorite Baja campsites.  Though it came with a word of caution.  They said the road was steep, narrow, and rough, and may or may not be doable with our trailer.  Of course that meant we needed to find out for ourselves first-hand.  

Within twenty minutes of leaving LaPaz we were on a gorgeous, quiet, two lane road that followed the jagged coastline.  With every passing mile the scenery got better.  To the west was layers and layers of rugged mountains lined with magnificent cardon cacti, to the east the emerald waters of the Sea of Cortez.  

We slowly wound our way through tight S curves, up and down steep grades, and over rocky, uneven terrain.  This drive was quickly becoming one of my favorites in Baja for it included so many of the elements that make Baja the unique and majestic ecosystem that it is.  Mark’s excitement, on the other hand, was running low.  While I get to spectate and simply enjoy the ride, these kinds of roads take a lot of active, calculated driving on his part, especially with a trailer in tow.  I love that he’s so willing to go for it, while simultaneously being extremely cautious and safe in his approach.  

The last mile before arriving at our beach of choice was by far the most difficult.  The track barely wide enough for our truck, with several large rocks requiring calculated moves in order to get over or around without damaging the truck.  Luckily, the pay off was totally worth it.

We arrived at a pristine beach bookended by jagged, turquoise cliffs. Stretched out before us a was a calm protected bay, and behind us, breathtaking mountains that resembled the Grand Canyon.

While the guys decided on the best spot and circled the trucks, Heather, Darci, Hannah and I spotted dolphins and quickly made our way to the water’s edge where we watched them swim right in to the bay.  One right after the other, they would jump out of the water, as if putting on a show just for our arrival.  I gasped with excitement, it was such a beautiful sight.

As is true of every beach in Baja, this one was completely different than any other leaving us all excited to see what kind of discoveries and unexpected delights tomorrow would bring.

The day in photos…

Photos taken with the Canon R6.

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