Winter in Baja Day 22: An outdoor kind of life

A remote beach north of La Paz //

Ever since Montezuma got it’s revenge on me two weeks ago, my stomach has been rather sensitive.  A low-grade but steady discomfort keeps me from sleeping soundly and so I look forward to spending the day laying low.  It’s always a delight to wake up at a new spot knowing we have the entire day ahead of us to be as still or as active as we desire.  

After a camp neighbor departs in the morning we decide to relocate our rigs to his spot hopeful that being tucked in against the cliffs will provide us a with a wind-block.  

Once everyone has resettled, late morning activities commence.  Josh, Adam, and Heather go snorkeling while Darci and Hannah go for a long walk down the beach leaving Mark and I the opportunity to indulge in some one on one conversation while everyone is gone.  Spending weeks on end with friends reminds us how much we love each other’s company.  We’ve cherished every minute with our friends but miss spending time together just the two of us.  (As I type this I realize how fortunate I am to be able to say that I can’t get enough of my friends or my husband.)  

And on the topic of great fortune, Josh reminds us all today how incredible it is that places like this exist and we have the ability to show up, with everything we need to live comfortably, and call a place like this home for days on end.  

In the evening, just as the golden hues of the sunset are fading and the first stars are beginning to light up the sky, we gather our chairs in a semi-circle and tune in to a comedy special on Netflix.  For the entire hour-long special my head oscillates between the screen in front of me and the star-filled sky above.  All while listening to the gentle melody of the lapping waves steps away from our makeshift living room.  It’s becoming harder and harder to imagine a life lived inside when living outdoors is such a never-ending delight to the senses.  But if the forecasted winds prove true the next few days, chances are we may end up longing for the protection of the walls we’ve come so accustomed to living without.  We shall see.

The day in photos…

Photos taken with the Canon R6.

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