Winter in Baja Day 23: A bittersweet goodbye

A remote beach north of LaPaz //

For someone that routinely wakes groggy at 8am or later when in the States, it’s a curious thing that in Baja I’m happily wide awake at 6am or sooner.  I can’t help but wonder if it has something to do with our circadian rhythms and the very minimal amount of artificial light that we’re exposed to while living this lifestyle.  Whatever it is, it means I get to enjoy both the sun rising and setting on a daily basis, which I love.

This morning, at 5:30, I wake up to find Mark reading from the comfort of our little mobile palapa.  I pull up a chair and together we marvel at the star-filled sky, the first sign of daylight still a half hour away.  As the sun slowly rises so does everyone else at camp.  We all gather our chairs around the wind-blocked side of our trailer and watch as the cloud layer on the horizon creates a breathtaking sunrise.  

After more than two weeks traveling as a group our needs and priorities have began to diverge and Josh, Darci, and Hannah begin packing up to head south.  We exchange hugs and words of deep thanks and I struggle to hold back tears while watching them drive away.  I’m confident we’ll see them again soon but this was the end of our time as a little community of 7 as Heather & Adam will soon be returning to the States.  

The friendships we’ve made over the last few years with fellow nomads are some of the best I’ve ever had but with that high comes the low of saying goodbye and never knowing when your paths will cross again. Definitely one of the hardest parts of living on the road, your people end up scattered all over the country. 

In the afternoon Heather and I remained on land, walking the shoreline and discovering all kinds of unique and beautiful shells, while Mark and Adam spent their time snorkeling.  In that time our one camp neighbor departed, leaving this 10 out of 10 beach all to ourselves.  

We brought our kitchens together once again for dinner.  Adam providing fresh caught fish, while Mark & I made a lemon garlic butter pasta loaded with fresh veggies.  We closed out the evening with more great conversation while trying not to notice the giant empty void where Josh & Darci had been parked.  

As soon as the sky turned black and the Milky Way revealed itself it was our cue to turn in and let the gentle sound of the sea lull us to sleep.  It was 8:30pm.

The day in photos + a special little photo session…

To our road fam: thank you all for being you. Mark & I will remember the last three weeks quite fondly for a long time to come.

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