Winter in Baja Day 24: Sandblasted

A remote beach north of La Paz //

Our three week streak of damn near perfect weather came to an end today when the wind ramped up just before dawn.  We knew it was coming and decided to wait it out based on the beautiful forecast for tomorrow.  

After breakfast Mark and I went for a walk in to the desert thinking we’d find protection from the angry gusts.  Instead we learned that our camp is fairly protected and the wind was actually quite worse than we realized.  I have no idea what the gusts actually were but I can tell you it was the first time I saw giant cardon cacti swaying in the wind.  Our walk followed the extremely narrow road (more like a small wash) that connected the main road to the beach so Mark took the opportunity to do a little pruning and rock removal to make the drive out a little easier than it was on the way in.

In the afternoon, while sitting around chatting, Adam pointed at the ocean and enthusiastically exclaimed “LOOK!”.  We all jumped out of our chairs and watched while hundreds of small fish flew out of the water in a frenzy.  We repositioned our chairs to face the water and proceeded to watch ocean theatre for the next hour.  The small fish were being hunted by rooster fish.  And a few birds also joined in on the feast.

The wind relented enough around sunset to make it seem safe to cook outside.  But just as we were wrapping up dinner it ramped back up with ferocity.  The three of us tucked in on the downwind side of our trailer while Mark prepared us some Mexican hot chocolate.  In between sips we’d cover our cups as walls of sand would wash over us in waves with every gust.  

The wind wasn’t nearly as bad as the worst we’ve experienced in Baja but it was still enough for us to feel sandblasted and exasperated by the time we retreated to the camper for the night.  We went to bed with our fingers crossed that tomorrow would bring the perfect weather that we were holding out for.

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  • I was showing Hannah the photos from this post and she says “I miss Adam & Heather and Mark & Michele and us” 😢 me too.

  • I think living in the elements can be dauting at times but so worth it in the long run. I LOVED the cooked cabbages! It looked so yummy! The rooster fish were fun to see. I’ve never seen that kind of fish before. I hope the wind has calmed down by now.


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