Winter in Baja Day 25: The pay off

A remote beach north of La Paz //

It’s dead calm this morning and looking as though our choice to stay and deal with yesterday’s wind is going to pay off.  Mark whips up our favorite breakfast for the group, chilaquiles with eggs.  All the beach activities we can fit in to a day commence not long after, starting with snorkeling.  It’s been decades since I donned snorkeling gear and for whatever reason today is just not my day to get back in to it.  I’m such a hot mess you would have thought my four awkward limbs had never before seen water.  I eventually throw in the towel, sick of getting water in my mask that I can’t seem to get fitted to my face, and hop on the paddleboard.  

Mark, Heather & Adam have better luck and thoroughly enjoy the aquarium that is this beautiful bay.  While paddling I watch a pelican make a high speed dive in to the ocean, not 20’ from Mark, and a huge fish simultaneously come flying out of the water trying to outrun the gangly bird.  Mark, in a blissful snorkeling state, had no idea.

I return to land ready for shade and snacks.  Mark, on the other hand, is becoming more and more drawn to the water and spends the better part of the day communing with the ocean.  After snorkeling, him and Adam motor around on our paddleboard boat and do a little fishing.  Adam pulls in three fish over the course of the day and generously provides us with our entree for tonight’s dinner.

Another joint dinner is enjoyed by all and by 8pm we’re turning in for night 5 on this exquisite beach that we’ve somehow managed to have all to ourselves for the last three days.  And the best part of all…it’s free.

The day in photos…

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Drone photos taken with the DJI Mini.
Land- based photos taken with the Canon R6.
The 28-70mm 2.0 is our favorite and most used lens.
These paddleboards are what we used to make our electric paddleboard boat.

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  • I love the scenery you are surrounded by! The ocean water is beautiful! I’m sorry your snorkel gear gave you so much trouble. Better luck next time!


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