Winter in Baja Day 26: A gratitude reset

A remote beach north of La Paz -> La Paz

After five blissful days camped on one of Baja’s most exquisite beaches, we were ready to pack up and head back to LaPaz for restocking and to escape the returning wind.  While we only had 60 miles of ground to cover, the terrain for half the drive was rough and unforgiving.  After four hours of slowly winding our way through some of Baja’s most beautiful countryside, we made it to LaPaz.  

In our five days at Playa Pataquemada we only saw five other humans, so entering the city felt jarring to the senses.  It’s amazing how much more at home I feel in the middle of nowhere, the pace of any city always seems to be beyond anything I can, or want, to keep up with.

It had hardly crossed my mind that it had been five days since I’d last showered (you know you’re having fun when you can’t be bothered to even think about a shower) but arriving at a campground with bathrooms immediately made me realize just how seasoned I’d become.  

After checking in and getting settled, we didn’t waste any time taking advantage of the amenities.  We satiated our hunger at the cafe adjacent to the campground, felt like entirely new people after we showered, and ended the night with a few rounds of bocce ball.  

City lights replaced starlight, the sound of traffic replaced the melody of gentle waves, and campers surrounding us in every direction replaced our solitude.  And yet I’m quite happy to be here.  One, for the showers and flushing toilets, and two, because experiencing the inverse of what you love makes the thing you love more potent the next time you experience it.  It’s a gratitude reset and as soon as we return to starlight, solitude and the sound of the sea, oh how happy I’ll be.

The day in photos…

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Solar string lights
Bocce ball set

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All photos taken with the Canon R6.

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  • Wow some of those roads looked treacherous! You’ve learned a real appreciation for taking a shower! Can’t wait to see your next stop or meal!

    • The road was very slow-going but luckily nothing dangerous. Probably one of the most beautiful drives we’ve done so far in Baja.

  • I have to agree with you. I can hang out in the backcountry if it’s nice (both weather and location) without a second thought to creature comforts like a real bathroom. But as soon as I’m back to a plug in spot or home I’m immediately grateful for said conveniences I’d been ignoring. And after awhile the busy atmosphere has me back on the road. Safe travels and good weather!

    • We have very similar tastes Rick. Good weather and a nice location are two things I try to never take for granted.


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