Winter in Baja Day 27: Hasta luego amigos

La Paz //

Today is a day filled with palpable change.  Our friend Parker just arrived and our new friends Heather & Adam, whom we’ve been traveling alongside for the last three weeks, are leaving to return to the States. After a slow morning, one last breakfast together, and some photos together, we finally rip the band-aid and say goodbye.  Parting ways is even harder than I expected.  Heather & Adam were amazing travel buds and not knowing when we’ll see them again is a tough reality to face.  But that’s life on the road.  The connections run deeper but our collective rootlessness makes it impossible to know when and where our paths will cross again.

I spend most of the day working, a temporary distraction from the fact that our little community of 7 has officially disbanded.  Come nightfall the comedown from three straight weeks of bonding with new friends sets in.  I keep trying to remind myself that the sadness I feel is the inevitable side effect of getting to experience something so good.  It’s the ying and yang of life.  There are no peaks without valleys.

Our evening is mellow and full of reflective conversation between just the two of us, something we haven’t done much of lately.  

Why are we so much happier here than in the states?  
Why is it so much easier for us to make friends when we’re south of the border?  
How do we reconcile living a life we love when so many people in the world are struggling?  

These are just a few of the things we ponder as we reflect on our first month in Baja.  It’s going to be hard to beat, but we still have 2+ months to go.  I can’t wait to see what happens.

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  • Great pictures of you Michele! So sorry the last of your friends are departing but what great fun you’ve had! I’m happy Parker will be joining you!

  • It was so hard leaving you guys that day! 😢
    I’m grateful for all the memories and time we had together! Thank you guys for being awesome…until next time friends! 🫶🏼


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