Winter in Baja Day 28: A day in the city

La Paz //

This morning Mark & Parker tackle an electrical project while I get some work done.  It feels good to tend to our business among other miscellany.  I take note of how much more efficient I am with work while we’re in Baja.  The faster I get things done, the sooner we can get back to adventuring.

Come mid-day Parker packs up and continues his journey south while we decide to hang here at the campground for a couple of more days to knock some more tasks and errands off the list.  For the first time in weeks we’re on our own and it feels strange.  

Being in the city means we have access to places we don’t otherwise see in Baja, like Walmart, so we spend the afternoon running errands.  At both Walmart and Soriana (a Walmart equivalent) I walk every single food aisle 1) because I don’t know where anything is and 2) because I don’t even know what they have.  Walmart’s food selection is a little different than what we’re used to.  There’s just as much product but not as much variety.  One entire aisle is cooking oil while another is primarily mustard and mayonnaise.  But where Walmart in Mexico shines is in their produce selection, which is head and shoulders above anything I’ve seen in the states.  This could not make me happier.

On the way back home we stop for lunch at a typical establishment with a small indoor kitchen and all outdoor seating.  The fish tacos are even better than we remember and we leave feeling incredibly satisfied at the cost of $10 US.  Three stray dogs chase our truck as we accelerate and merge on to the busy four lane boulevard and I close my eyes tight and hope hope hope they get out of the way.  It appears this is a game they play with every vehicle leaving the restaurant.

It’s the busiest night we’ve seen so far at the campground and many new neighbors file in with our closest one being a van that parks an arm’s length from our truck.  Luckily they are kind and quiet.  

With our evening free of any socializing we watch a tv show for the first time in a month and it does nothing for either one of us.  This is interesting as I typically eagerly await the airing of this particular show every single week.  It feels like when you feed all of your senses with so much rich and natural stimulation, like we’ve been doing for several weeks, entertainment from behind a screen can’t compare.  Here I want to participate actively in my life, I want to create things and commune in nature.  In the states I’m constantly distracted, unable to focus, and inclined to consume rather than create.  A curious thing that I’ll continue to ponder.

As the day comes to a close, a random cat cuddles up with me in my camp chair, and with that I am satisfied and content and ready to call it a night.

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  • Wow you are very fortunate the other campers were quiet! You are parked so close to each other. I love the fish taco restaurant! I can imagine how good the food was! Lucky you! I hope the dogs have figured out a way to do what they do without dying!

  • I’m really enjoying your write ups on the Baja life. I’ve pondered the same questions about travel vs home with respect to meeting others and entertainment. For me I think it comes down to the fact that when I’m traveling all my options are pared down to just the basics. There isn’t a list of projects nagging at me, entertainment is limited, I’m outside way more often and it’s easier to meet others as they have the same situation.


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