Winter in Baja Day 29: Living like locals

La Paz //

This morning feels different than any other morning in Baja because we actually have somewhere to be.  Appointments, reservations, itineraries…none of those things are a part of our life this time of year, something I take great pleasure in and never take for granted.  However, this morning Mark has a dentist appointment.  Two years ago I had a good experience getting a root canal in Los Algodones and paid a fraction of the cost of dental services in the States.  Ever since then we’ve been intrigued by the idea of tending to some of our medical needs while in Mexico.

At 9:30 we head downtown to the malecon where the dentist’s office is located with unobstructed views of the bay.  While Mark is filling out intake paperwork he shows me a unique question “Who is your favorite musician?”.  After the initial consultation Mark decides to proceed with getting some fillings.  As the work gets underway, a remixed version of Jack Johnson with some heavy bass begins filling the entire office, loud enough I imagine the tenants on either side could sing along.  I’m sitting in the waiting room and almost laugh out loud.  It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced at any medical facility in the States and I was in to it.

Two blocks from the dentist happened to be a restaurant we loved, Maria California, and serendipitously some friends we made last year in Baja were going to be in La Paz for a doctor’s appointment of their own, so we met up for lunch.  Len & Brenda, a Canadian couple, are some of the coolest people we’ve met in Mexico.  Their laid-back vibe and sense of adventure give them a magnetic quality and I’ve loved each and every one of our handful of meet-ups.  We part ways promising to stay in touch and hoping to see each other again sooner than later.

When we arrive back at camp, a truck we know and love is parked beside us.  Josh, Darci & Hannah are here and I’m stoked to be reuniting.  We catch up on our separate adventures over the last week and hatch a plan for some collective adventuring starting tomorrow.  It’s been a productive stay in the city but oh how ready I am to get back to the wilderness.

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