Winter in Baja Day 36: Jellyfish takeover

Somewhere north of El Cardonal //

There isn’t so much as a whisper of wind this morning.  The sea is still, the air is warm, and the sun is intensifying by the minute.  It only makes sense then to spend the day on the water.  Mark had hopes of snorkeling and I was well on my way to attempting my first ever paddleboard yoga session until witnessing all the jellyfish that had congregated in our little bay.  Yesterday Mark was stung while snorkeling.  Apple cider vinegar eased the pain and he was hopeful it wasn’t likely to happen again…until we could see that they were everywhere.  

We decided to stick to our paddleboards and enjoy the sea life sightings from above the water.  The water was so calm I could have easily napped on my board though the heat of the day had us more interested in seeking respite from the sun.  Back on land I pulled my chair over to the shady side of our truck and dove in to a new book. Choosing to spend the day offline had me in full relaxation mode from the moment I got out of bed and I was savoring every bit of it.  

Come sunset we’d logged three paddle board sessions and I’d read half of a book.  Six full days on this beach allowed us the time to put in a few work days as well as some rest days.  When we arrived a week ago I had reached a saturation point and was no longer enjoying our travels to the same level I had been in the weeks prior.  I needed the chance to slow down and that’s exactly what our time here has allowed for.  But as of today we’re down to our last few gallons of water and our refrigerator is looking sparse.  A resupply is needed.  So tomorrow we’ll get back on the road refreshed and ready for a new adventure. 

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Drone photos taken with the DJI Mini.
Land- based photos taken with the Canon R6.
The 28-70mm 2.0 is our favorite and most used lens.
Our paddleboards that we love.
The Yellow Envelope was an enjoyable travel memoir that I read half of on this day. (Thanks to our reader Jeff for the recommendation.)

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  • So happy you got some good R+R at that beautiful beach! Look forward to seeing your next stop. I have a feeling it will be more populated! The pictures of the rocks were awesome!


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