Winter in Baja Day 38: To the East Cape

Los Barriles -> The East Cape //

The moment Mark opens the camper door this morning a stream of blazing orange light comes flooding inside.  He looks at me and says “it’s good, you should come outside”.  I peek my head out to see a sky full of cotton ball clouds in all shades of pink, orange, and yellow.  These are the moments the earth is begging us to stop and take it all in, and so we do.

Not long after the local gringos begin coming and going, proving that this beach is more of a public recreation spot than a quiet, private place to camp.  With that, our decision to move on today is solidified and we slowly begin packing up.  By the time we’re ready to go, the heat has ramped up enough that I’m relieved to be spending the day inside the truck with a/c.  In this moment, the fact that most of our friends in the States are sitting beneath feet of snow is something I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around.

Back on the highway we continue our trajectory south, making our way towards the East Cape, a region of Baja that we’ve been eager to give a second chance after hastily passing through last year.  On the way we stop in La Ribera for lunch at a roadside restaurant that is having their weekly pig roast.  As soon as we sit down a friendly young man greets us and asks if we would like tacos, a burrito, tortas, or a quesadilla.  I think it’s safe to assume we’re getting carnitas in one of the aforementioned options.  Not long after ordering, we’re served eight delectable carnitas tacos and two drinks for the total cost of $8.  This is how we know we’re back to the Mexico we love.  

During lunch we receive a text with map coordinates from Josh & Darci.  They left camp this morning before us and set out to find our spot for the night.  Mark & I love exploring and finding campsites but sometimes it’s an absolute delight to not have to make any decisions and simply drive directly to a spot that’s already been chosen for us.  We arrive mid-day to a picture-perfect white-sand beach on the edge of Baja’s Cabo Pulmo National Park, a world-renowned reef said to have some incredible snorkeling opportunities.  

The afternoon is spent witnessing the immense amount and variety of sea-life inhabiting the water before us.  Whales, manta rays, dolphins, flying fish, sea lions.  All afternoon it’s like a sea creature playground and I’m transfixed.  In three days the wind is back in full force.  Until then, we’ll be here, in paradise, yet again.

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Photos taken with the Canon R6.
The 28-70mm 2.0 is our favorite and most used lens.
This 100-400mm lens has been fun for a really long reach without breaking the bank.
Mark uses this deflator to let air out of our tires before driving on sandy or rocky terrain.
These are our paddleboards that we love.

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